What Motivates You to Strength Train?


motivatesBefore you actually begin your strength training program a good place to start is to visualize success with your health and fitness goals and consider how you are going to celebrate your achievements.

Have you thought about what motivates you when you are looking to make positive, lasting changes in your life?

For example, exercising…or more specifically, strength training. Why are you starting? What’s your motivating factor for starting this exercise program? Can you define your fitness goals or what obstacles you might face that could be a serious challenge to you and how you plan on dealing with and overcoming them?

Nearly thirty years ago a British doctor put together a list of the reasons why people choose to exercise.

Take a look at these reasons and see if you can identify which of them match your motivations.

Pleasure: Most people love the simplicity of strength training exercises. They find them easier to perform than aerobic workouts (jogging, running and cycling etc.) and love the results they see.

Improvements in Appearance: Proper strength training exercise firms the body, boosts up your metabolism (the rate your body burns fuel) by as much as 15% which helps to control your body weight.

Social Opportunities: Exercising with friends or family or making new friends at the gym gives you a chance to visit and chat while you work out. You can each support one another because you share a common goal.

Thrills: Strength training makes you stronger mentally and physically. Your confidence gets a boost and you’ll be more willing (and able) to try new exciting activities such as windsurfing, water skiing, kayaking or any number of other activities you’ve put off because you lacked mental and physical strength and more importantly confidence.

Health and fitness benefits: Strength training offers so many benefits. It makes you feel strong and energized, relieves stress and depression making you feel calmer and happier and all of this contributes to better sleep. It can also help prevent the onset of certain chronic diseases or ease their symptoms.

Now that you are thinking about what motivates you to exercise and strength train, it’s also the perfect time to consider what obstacles you might have to face along the way and make plans to overcome them.

Here’s a few common barriers that nearly everyone deals with:

Time: Being too busy tops the list as the big obstacle. You must make time to exercise…you simply cannot cram your schedule so full it leaves no time for exercise. You must make “me” time and allow yourself to “do more” and “be more”.

Fatigue: Remember, if fatigue is an issue with you…strength training exercises gives you more energy and make all other daily tasks and activities easier. You’ll even have energy left over to pursue some other favorite hobbies or interests that will further add to your enjoyment of life.

Age and/or fitness level: First off, there is no such thing as being too old or out of shape to benefit from exercising. Strength training works the same for everyone regardless of age. There are many people who have begun exercise programs in their 70’s, 80’s, and even 90’s. And for those of you who have led sedentary lifestyles up till now, just begin slowly and allow enough time to let your body become accustomed to exercise.

Health Concerns: If you are concerned or have a health issue you should always speak with your Dr. first before starting any exercise program including strength-training. However, understand that it is more a concern that you are not exercising. There are very few people who would not be approved to exercise…even chronic health conditions should not stop you from strength-training. Even if you have suffered through a heart attack, recent cancer scare, congestive heart failure, diabetes, osteoporosis or arthritis you will benefit from strength training exercise. In fact, if you suffered ill health lately, you stand to be among those who gain the most benefit from strength training exercise.

Soon after embarking on a strength-training program (if you are following the program properly), you will notice increased muscle tone and firmness.

Your new toned muscles reduce loss of muscle mass, build better body composition (fat/muscle ratio) protect you’re from disease, increase and boost your energy levels…and you’ll look and feel your best.

It’s a win-win situation.

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