Spice Up Your Life and Boost Your Metabolism


spicesSometimes the best gifts really do come in the smallest packages.

If you love spicy food and you’re trying to lose weight, then this report is right up your alley.

How many of you ever thought about spices as a tool for weight loss? Evidence is proving that eating spicy foods providing important health benefits and in a small but significant manner can help you lose weight as well.

Spicy foods work to increase your metabolism (and if you’ve ever dieted you know how important that is) and studies have proven you’ll eat less spicy foods.

It seems that certain chemicals and compounds found in spicy foods such as capsaicin found in peppers provide weight loss benefits.

Capsaicin is a member of a family of compounds and found in jalapenos, habaneros, cayenne and other chili peppers. It is a colorless compound with antioxidant and thermogenesis potential (calorie burning).

Capsaicin, ginger and black pepper all increase your metabolism by raising your body temperature which in turn causes you to burn more calories long after you’re finished eating.

A recent report in the British Journal of Nutrition showed that people who ate spicy peppers before lunch actually ate less during the following meal and snacked less as the day went on (about 200 calories less).

Similar findings from the International Journal of Obesity concluded that consuming food that contain capsaicin lowered calorie intake by as much as 16%.

You’d have to consume a lot of capsaicin to have any kind of dramatic effect on your weight but your desire to eat does get suppressed by the temporary metabolic boost.

Although spices alone are not going to get you to your desired weight, it does appear that eating these foods does indeed help with weight loss because it leaves you feeling fuller which means you’re likely to consume less food.

The health role of spicy foods does not stop with weight loss, these “hot numbers” also works to lower bad cholesterol and blood pressure, works to prevent cancer and heart attacks and reduces the risk of diabetes by improving insulin response.

Can you imagine how boring your food would be without spices? Turn that into a tool if you are dieting and make your foods more appealing with spices and remember, you’re more likely to eat smaller portions of spicy foods too.

Spicy foods also boost production of serotonin…helping to eliminate stress, lift spirits and make you happier.

Why wouldn’t you went to take advantage of all these health benefits just by adding a bit of “spice” to your life?

You’ve been using spices to add significant flavor to your foods for years now, why not consider dressing up your meal a bit with a dash of hot sauce, cayenne pepper, Tabasco sauce, chilies, black pepper or spicy peppers to burn off a few more calories.

Weight is just one of the many issues that seems to compound us as we leave our twenties. The male population is also dealing with lower levels of testosterone the male hormone that once supplied lots of pep and verve.

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