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But before you buy, I want to give you the option of obtaining a special collection of audio sessions I have had prepared by my good friend, Dr. Patrick Porter (PhD) a strategic mind messaging expert.

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Based on my work in the area of male health rejuvenation techniques, as outlined in Strong Men Stay Young, Dr. Porter has designed a companion Brainwave Entrainment (BWE) series that will help you to super-charge your efforts to regain your vigor and masculine essence WITH NO ADDITIONAL EFFORT required!

These sessions are designed to help train your subconscious mind to work in harmony with your conscious mind to produce maximum results by managing brainwave activity and developing healthy thought patterns.

Below, you will discover in detail how each audio CD will assist you with your revujenation goals you when you decide to take me up on this terrific offer today:
Audio #1: Assess Your Mindset - Then Supercharge It
Whether or not your body LOOKS significantly different than it did 10, 20 or 30 years ago, odds are it now performs less impressively.

Your strength, endurance, and power may have all but disappeared. Your knees, shoulders, and lower back may also have begun to voice minor complaints.

With this visualization Dr. Porter will help arm you with an awareness of your true self, and to use the power of possibility thinking to bebuild from the inside out - helping to supercharge the neuro chemicals that assist in regaining your health mind-set.
Audio #2: Exercise - The Key To Reclaiming Your Masculinity
Your body was designed to feel, look, and move well even at 100 years of age. But you'll be hard pressed to find a strong, fit and energetic 100 year old today.

During this session, Dr. Porter will help you see how exercising can be fun so that you can easily make it an integral part of your lifestyle. You will start each day with the attitude of a warrior and prepare your body for the demands of the day physically, mentally and emotionally.

With a strong healthy body you will move through life with your head up, shoulders back, and you will see the world as your domain knowing that what your mind can conceive and believe you are going to naturally achieve.
Audio #3: Train Your Mind - Forge Your Body
As you age you find yourself muttering what was unthinkable just a few years earlier. "The old back isn't what it used to be... My knees hurt when I do that... Park the car closer so I don't have to walk so far..."

We start to hurt when we move. So we slow down and stop moving as much as we should. During this session Dr. Porter will teach you how to move away from negative social thinking and towards a powerful, confident positive inner voice that supports you with your health goals.

You are what you think about all day long. Starting today you will choose positive thoughts that lead to positive actions.
Audio #4: Reclaim Your Virility - Tips To Triggering Testosterone
Testosterone influences psychological factors, including mood, memory, libido, assertiveness, and confidence. It also drives physiological factors, such as cholesterol levels, sperm production and control of blood sugar.

But these are invisible signs of emasculation. Man-boobs and grumpy old man syndrome are what OTHERS actually see.

This session from Dr. Porter is designed to help you reclaim the testosterone edge that shows up as a smile and confidence in social settings. Your mind is able to release over 30,000 chemicals. So why not sit back relax and put the most powerful pharmacy on earth to work for you? Through the power of thought alone you will move towards a state of naturally balanced hormones and lead the life you were born to live.
Audio #5: Lower Body Fat And Transform Your Body Into A Fat Burning Machine
Dr. Porter has spent his career helping people who want to lose weight but have little or no motivation to make the necessary changes to their lives.

The purpose of this session is to help you boost your metabolic rate which has been dialed down due to a sedentary lifestyle. This program will help you to plan, program and create a lifestyle in which weight loss resistance is a thing of the past.

This will allow you to tap those unwanted reservoirs fat as energy, so that you can sleep deeper and awaken each day with the boundless energy needed to continue the mission to improve your life.
Audio #6: Manage Your Time - And Make Exercise Scheduling A Priority
Despite our modern technology-driven lifestyles full of time saving devices, we nonetheless seem to be busier than ever. The result is often fatigue from lack of quality sleep and not enough time to exercise and eat properly. We are spending too much time working, doing, being, and giving to everyone else but ourselves.

Dr. Porter uses this session to put the problem into the proper perspective so that you have a much better chance at correctly managing the 86,400 seconds you have every day to get things headed in the right direction and allot the necessary time for physical activity.
Audio #7: Strive For Health Today, To Live Strong Tomorrow
Don't be the person who ends up saying "If I only knew that I was going to live this long I would have taken better care of myself."

So many people exchange short term pleasure for long term health. But with modern day life expectancy being so high, this is not a mistake you can afford to make.

Wayne Dyer once said, "Never let an old person inhabit your body." To an extent, youth is a state of mind. This sesssion will help you to visualize your daily health goals and make choices that have long term positive benefits. So sit back, relax, and allow Dr. Porter to enlist the help of your powerful non-conscious mind to put your health and longevity program on autopilot.
Audio #8: Successfully Resolve Your Energy And Weight Issues For Good
This session is designed to recap all that Carolyn and Dr. Porter have trained you to do to build a strong healthy meaningful life. This mental technique will help build "subconscious patterns of genius". Problems in your life will give rise to dreams that spell solutions and foster everyday habits of positive action. Imagine awaken each day with a sense of power and destiny. No longer will you leave life to chance. Instead, you will consciously reshape your body and mind from the inside out.

You can download and enjoy my complete "Subconscious Re-Patterning" system while you are absorbing my "Strong Men Stay Young" course for ONLY $27 If You Act TODAY!

Think about that - for just a little extra you will be able to gain access to an area of your (subconscious) mind that may be difficult to reach any other way. By tapping into this part of your mind and overriding your natural resistance to establishing new healthy habits (of the kind that you WILL need to implement to get the best from my Strong Men Stay Young program) you will literally be fast-tracking your results!

Between my Strong Men Stay Young system and Dr. Porter's Companion Audio Sessions you will have a ton of information to help you get started on the road to revitalized male health. This is how you get back to the man you used to be, the one who never doubted his abilities, knew exactly what it was he wanted from life, and then went out and did whatever it took to get what he wanted!


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