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In Search Of The Man You Used To Be?

If You've Reached Your 40's And You Can Already Feel OLD MAN TIME Roosting In Your Bones... If You Can Feel Him Siphoning Away Your MANHOOD All Too Early...
Don't You Think It's Time To Change That?

Maybe you caught yourself nodding just now, in which case you don't need me to tell you that there's a serious storm on your horizon, and trouble is heading your way. Fast.

But you may need me to help you put things right again. To help you get back that PEP and MALE VERVE you took for granted just a few years earlier. The good news? You can get it ALL back and begin feeling like your old self again in just a few weeks.

Imagine that - feeling one day as though your life battery has been drained flat, and the next thing you know your energy levels are through the roof. Better yet, so is your confidence and your sense of your own MASCULINITY - like someone had just wound your internal clock back 20 years!

You Look In The Mirror - But Where'd You Go?

No man likes to grow old. Certainly not before his time.

And when I say "old" I am not talking about the occasional greyed hair, the stiffening joints, and the various other anticipated signs of aging that you always knew would catch up with you "one day".

No. I am talking about a "feeling" deep inside you that something profound has changed within you. Something you would prefer was returned to the way it was before...

Unfortunately this is something that has become all too common.

MILLIONS of men across the globe are waking to discover that the man they thought they were, that they believed they ALWAYS WOULD BE, has all but disappeared.

Somehow, while they failed to pay attention to what was going on right under their nose, their masculine health has plummeted. Seemingly in the blink of an eye. And it is having a HUGE effect on not only their life, but the lives of those around them.

So what happened?

How did it all go so bad, so quickly?

No Man Should Ever Have To Feel This Way!

You probably already know that by the time you hit your 40th birthday something unpleasant happens.

An inescapable biological timer triggers inside of you.

One that sets in motion slow debilitating physical and mental changes that will rock the very core of your belief in who you are.

The outside world will see it too, as the vibrant man you have always been begins to recede from this world to be replaced by another...

A smaller, less vital, less worthy version of the soon-to-be former you. A kind of shadow self that robs you of strength, sexual drive, mental acquity, and respect in the eyes of the opposite sex.

Hell, you even begin to disgust yourself when it happens!

It all stems from a deficiency of the male hormone testosterone.

This is the hormone that a man enjoys in abundance in his youth, and which is responsible for making him express distinctly male and not female characteristics.

Testosterone levels begin subsiding slowly but steadily once a man reaches his thirties.

Sooner or later every man begins to experience at least some of the distinctly UNPLEASANT side effects of this masculine wind down period. You might ALREADY be experiencing them. For example, if you find yourself replying YES to any of the following questions:
  • Are you exeriencing steady LOSS of muscularity and strength?

  • Are you seeing steady GAINS in body fat, especially on your belly?

  • Do you feel as though you have NO ENERGY or stamina - and now need to allocate time for naps?

  • Are you noticing an EROSION of sexual desire and performance?

  • Has your ability to satisfy your partner begun to DECLINE?

  • Has your confidence in yourself and abilities PLUMMETED?

  • Are you having TROUBLE maintaining your mental focus and drive?

  • Are you experiencing a significant loss of enthusiasm and a LACK OF PASSION for life in general?

  • Do you find yourself going through periods of DEPRESSION, seemingly without good reason, when you never did before?
Just having to deal with one or two of these issues can be taxing.

But if you find yourself ticking MOST of the boxes, as a great many men do when they leave their prime years behind, the implication is strong that you may be suffering from a deficiency of the one hormone that makes men feel alive - and the wake of this realization can be soul-destroying.

If it has already begun to happen to you then you may have started to wonder. Is it too late for you? Is this ALL that you can reasonably expect from this point on?

Or is there something you can do right now to RECLAIM THE LIFE you once took for granted and now realize was the greatest gift ever bestowed upon you?

Relax, He Would Tell Them - There's Still Time

If you have ever watched the television series The Dead Zone, based on Stephen King's novel of the same name, you will be familiar with the phrase "There's still time."

Seer Johnny Smith utters it a lot in the show as he attempts to change the fate of the blissfully unaware for whom the future is looking decidedly unpleasant.

Well, you can think of me as a kind of prophet too, a veritable Johnny Smith who deals with the unholy subject of the emasculination of men before their time.

That's right, I have seen your future dear reader and health-wise it is not looking too rosy...

BUT - and this is one of the things you will hear me tell you time and again - there IS still time to pull out of the nose dive that most men find themselves in after they hit the age of 40 years.

In fact, wind the clock forward by another decade and you'll see that once you cross the BIG FIVE OH and land on the other side of your fiftieth birthday, "dead zone" is a very apt description of the neutered purgatory you can expect to look forward to as you begin the second half of your life.

Your Future - Extended Prime Of Life,
Or Male Dead Zone?

Most men never see it coming. In a sense they are genetically wired NOT to see it.

This is because one of the incredible side effects of having an abundance of the male hormone testosterone circulating in your body is a sense of exuberance. The feeling that you are on top of things and that you always will be.

So a man in his prime, filled with the drive to succeed in all areas of his life, simply CANNOT imagine that his outlook on life could ever change.

After all, he is who he is. He is in absolute control of his thoughts and his drive to succeed - 100 percent in charge of how he feels about life.

Only it is not true. His drive is mostly chemical in nature, and if you should ever take away the source of the chemistry...

Well then, bad things begin to happen.

The problem is that men are generally too busy with their lives to appreciate what the consequences might be of the slow loss of testosterone that takes place once they reach their thirties. It begins to vanish at the rate of about one percent each year.

Sure. It may seem like an insignificant trickle. But...

Have You Ever Seen A Battery-Powered Device
Suddenly Give Out?

It happens almost without warning. Steady and powerful one minute, then an abrupt change. Mens bodies can be like this too.

The consequence of this slow trickling loss of testosterone is that you may notice signs of possible trouble ahead. Slowly your muscles are losing their volume. But it happens so gradually. You are more likely to notice the deepening layers of fat on your abdomen. But yes, your chest is starting to sag too. And your pace is slowing.

But that's life, right? You'll deal with it like you've dealt with every other obstacle that's come your way.

The only problem is that all of the drive you have been able to tap into in the past to mount your assault on obstacles is not going to be there this time.

Because your drive was chemical.

So when it finally happens, and that mid-life experience they warned you about descends upon you, it can be like running into a wall at full speed.

It changes everything.

When The Tipping Point Is Reached, You Risk
Losing More Than Just Your PHYSICAL Health
And SEXUAL Prowess...

In fact, the change is so profound for some men, the loss of testosterone for them so influential to their PYSCHOLOGICAL well-being, that if you were to freeze the consciousness of such a man in the prime of his life and age his body by 30 years before reviving him he would awake with a profound sense of dread.

Immediately he would feel that something was terrible must have taken place in his life. He would suspect that perhaps he had lost someone close to him while he slept, and he would be prepared to do almost ANYTHING to rid himself of the feeling.

Irritability. A sense that all that was good with life has been lost. Profound dissatisfaction with oneself and with others. And worse yet, not the slightest inclination to want to try to fix the problem.

These are all consequences of allowing one's testosterone level to drop too severely.

And of course there are all of the physical side effects that go with it - the loss of sexual drive and performance, the loss of stamina, energy, and mental focus.

Sure, you can pop a blue pill and that MIGHT solve your physical problems in the bedroom for an hour or two, but it will not be able to put right the train wreck that is the rest of your life.

So what is the answer?

How Do You Reclaim Your Former Life - Or Better Yet, Stop It From Slipping Away In The First Place?

Replenishing your supply of free testosterone (the biologically active component) is NOT the only thing you'll need to do if you hope to restore the man you used to be.

For example, if you have allowed yourself to become overweight it is important that you work on shedding the excess fat by embarking on a program that first restores your health and regains the physique you once enjoyed in your youth.

Only AFTER you are headed down this road does it make sense to try to go to the heart of the matter and replenish your testosterone.

But let's say you're in relatively good health - not too overweight - but you are still suffering the effects of diminished masculinity.

Is there any reason why you should not embark on a medically-supervised course of testosterone replacement therapy?

Or begin applying testosterone gels?

Actually there is, and it is because any artificial means of increasing the level of testosterone in your body is also likely to switch off your natural production of the hormone.

This would further lower your free testosterone count and make you even more dependent on stop-gap measures.

There is also evidence that the side effects of testosterone replacement may include prostate enlargement, higher risk of prostate cancer, blood thickening, and sleep apnea. Needless to say, you can do without these added health risks in your life.

A MUCH BETTER way to solve the problem is to convince your body to increase its current level of total testosterone through natural means.

So what about natural testosterone supplements?

These claim to be able to increase testosterone levels within a matter of weeks using nothing more than herbs and other botantical extracts collected from exotic locations around the world.

Surely this sounds like a sensible option?

The trouble is that there is little clinical evidence in support of the claim that these botanical mixes truly offer a significant boost in T levels. They certainly do not work for all men, and it is possible that for those that DO report positive results a placebo effect may explain a good portion of it.

And on top of all that - it's not cheap to support a powered-herb testosterone-booster habit. It may run to $1000 or more a year.

But of course that would be peanuts compared to the cost of a full-on course of testosterone replacement therapy.

The solution is to regenerate the total testosterone in your body, naturally, by doing TWO things.

The first is to make suitable changes to your diet.

The second is to implement a strength training program (with the goal of building muscle and strength).

Both approaches can substantially elevate testosterone levels in a man's body and return the benefits enjoyed by a healthy masculine body at virtually ANY age.

You Were BORN To Be A Naturally Generated Testosterone Factory - So Why Not Crank It
Up And Stay Young!

You may find this surprising but your body is not designed to begin breaking down as you advance into your forties and beyond.

Sure, Old Man Time will eventually catch up with you. But this does not have to happen until decades after the day you hit your fortieth birthday.

So why settle for anything less than an extended prime of life?

Why ALLOW your testosterone levels to drop away simply because you've brainwashed yourself into thinking that "loss of male drive" is a natural consequence of aging.

It is not. If anything it is merely a natural consequence of allowing your body to go to seed well before its alloted time.

This is something over which you have COMPLETE control.

Studies of healthy men in their 40s, 50s, and 60s have shown that testosterone levels can remain high long after you enter your 30s, the time of your life at which T-levels begin their precipitous fall.

But so does a man's general health as he reaches this age. After he finds a mate. Once the child-rearing and home-building begin.

At this age he no longer focuses on his own well-being. His body becomes soft, the muscles subside, and the fat accumulation begins to wreak its internal havoc. Loss of testosterone is just one of the side effects, but it is a BIG one.

The good news is that it does NOT have to be this way.

Restore your physical health and you can your restore your testosterone levels. This is especially true if you adhere to a regimen of testosterone-enhancing food and exercise choices.

In as little as 90 days you could see your life turn around completely as the man you used to be begins to resurface. You'll know when it happens because you will begin to experience most if not all of the tell-tale signs of elevated testosterone and general health.

Signs like these:
  • Your body begins to BLOOM as muscles restore your manly shape

  • Body fat finally begins to MELT AWAY

  • Your energy levels SHOOT UP - making you feel 10, 15, even 20 years younger

  • Your increased sexual drive and performance in the bedroom does WONDERS for your romantic life!

  • Your confidence in yourself RE-IGNITES your work ethic and goals

  • Your mental clarity and focus make your productivity level SOAR

  • Finally your heightened mood and PASSION for life confers the kind of enthusiasm for projects that you have not experienced in years!
Imagine how much your life would change if you could reclaim just a FEW of the benefits that high testosterone levels confer.

Listen, no one is ever going to offer you a ride in a time machine and fully restore the man you used to be. But getting back MOST of what you may have lost unnecessarily due to simply neglect and ignorance about what your body needs to continue functioning at peak efficiency is the next best thing.

What's The Secret To Winding Back The Clock?
It's Simple - Strong Men Stay Young

Now that you know there is NO IMPEDIMENT to resurrecting the man you used to be - to re-experiencing the feelings of physical and mental well-being that you enjoyed in the prime of your life, here's how you make it happen.

Strong Men Stay Young is designed to do two things for you.

The first of these is to EDUCATE you about the problems your body may be facing right now, or in the near future (if you have been lucky enough to read this page before the BIG CHANGES begin taking place). By knowing the dangers that lie ahead you will be better MOTIVATED to take action.

The second thing Strong Men Stay Young will do is teach you WHAT YOU NEED TO DO RIGHT NOW to ward off impending problems and correct the ones that are already affecting your quality of life.

This is achieved by addressing deficiencies in your current nutrition and physical activity regimens. A strong mind and a strong body are the end goal of this program, because this is what is needed to help you maintain youth and vigor for the longest possible period of time.

To help you reclaim your former self Strong Men Stay Young has been segmented into a number of separate components. Some of the "how to" information is delivered in ebook form, others as audio. As you will see when you scan the page below, there is a LOT of carefully-prepared content that awaits you inside Strong Men Stay Young...
30-Day Quickstart Action Plan For "Red-Blooded Men"
To get you off to a strong start I have prepared a "quick start" guide for you. Read this report to find out how best to allot your time during the first 30 days. I tell you what to focus on so you can avoid any confusion about which components of the program deserve your immediate attention.

Format: PDF
Male Aging - What You Need To Know To Reverse The Trend
No man wants to age before his time. But most will. Not because they are genetically destined for a downward spiral when they hit the "big 4-0". But because a lifetime of ignorance about the influences that control aging will finally begin to take their toll, slowly robbing him of his youth and manliness.

In this overview report of the problem, in addition to learning what those aging influences are, and why they are so damaging, you'll quickly be motivated to act when you discover:
  • Why the male body is suddenly ill-adapted to the rapidly evolving modern landscape
  • Why sperm production in men is dropping precipitously across the globe
  • Why erectile dysfunction, rare a century ago, is now the accepted norm for middle-aged men
  • Why many older men have more estrogen in their bodies than testosterone!
  • Why male waistlines are now expanding with age while penises and sex drive are shrinking
  • Why the modern day environment of men is doing its best to turn them into women
  • Why your self-confidence, brain-power, and memory are taking almost as big a hit as your rapidly disappearing libido
  • Why your health is like a bank account that most men mistakingly think they can draw upon with serious consequences
  • Why inactivity is the primary disease of the modern day male warrior
  • Why genetics plays only a tiny role in how well and how long you will live - and what you MUST do to realize the full life span accorded to you at birth
  • Why "dying of old age" has become very rare for men, while dying prematurely of cancer, heart disease, and any of a host of other debilitating conditions is now "accepted" as the fate that lies ahead
  • Why the old maxim of "use it or lose it" has never been more true than it is today for men advancing beyond their "middle years"
  • Why the fatter you allow yourself to become, the more womanly your body will behave as it shuts off testosterone in favor of producing estrogen!
  • Why it is so essential for you to nuture a "healthy mind" in order to maintain a "healthy body"
  • Why you should regard the age of 65 years as your "mid-life" point and realistically strive to live to twice that age
  • Why the true "fountain of youth" will never arrive in the form of a magical pill or procedure - because the only way to truly turn back the clock is to stimulate the regenerative properties of your own stem cells (through exercise)
  • Why your immune system, and by extension your life expectancy, depends so critically on carrying muscle tissue into old age
  • Why "eating better" and not "eating less" is the key to maintaining a strong, vibrant, and trim physique that scream sex appeal at every age
  • Why you are probably getting neither enough sleep or sunshine to help trigger some important hormonal changes that are essential to maintaining your masculinity
  • And quite a few more answers to questions you might otherwise never have thought to ask!
Format: PDF
The "He Man" Eating Plan
Diet is a four letter word in my vocabularly. That is why you will not find me trying to starve you when you begin The "He Man" Eating Plan. On the contrary. I am going to encourage you to ADD foods to your nutrition plan - with the goal of crowding out the junk you might be eating now :)

Good nutrition is essential if your goal is to balance out the critical hormones that your body relies upon for optimal health - like for example testosterone, the magical elixir that makes a man feel like a man.

Just some of the things you'll learn in this report include:
  • Why your body needs more healthy fat and protein, fewer carbohydrates
  • Why you cannot "out-exercise" a bad diet
  • Why you need to eat MORE fat, not less, to lose body fat
  • Why nutrients, and NOT calories, are the key to a trim physique
  • How to make a nutrient-dense shake that will peel off the pounds
  • Why the amazing chia seed should be your next best friend
  • Why meal-timing is so critical to your weight loss efforts
  • Which foods are considered optimal for maintaining a "He-Man" physique and persona
You'll also be provided with a 7-day eating plan that is rich in nutrient-dense foods so that all the guess work is taken out the equation.

Format: PDF
27 Healthy "Man Snack" Recipes
Now that we have squared away your "He-Man" nutritional requirements here's a bonus: "man snacks" to replace the junk food in your life.

These specially selected treats for guys can be put together quickly from just a few ingredients. They're healthy, they taste great, they require no cooking whatsoever, and guys, if these little treats don't get you back into the kitchen preparing your own food then nothing will!

Here's a preview of just 9 of the 27 snack recipes awaiting you:

Format: PDF
Exercise Plan For "Could-Be Commandos"
In order to resurrect the man you were at the prime of your life, you'll need to do some work - physical work that shakes loose the cowebs that have accumulated since the time you last looked in the mirror and saw a tiger staring back at you.

That's what strength training is all about - to make the muscles, bones and tendons of your body work harder than they are accustomed to working in everyday activities. Much harder!

So get your commando gear on guys, because its time to go the distance. Here's just a snapshot of the things you'll learn inside:
  • What makes strength training such a POWERFUL ally in your quest for male health
  • How strength training can REDUCE the symptoms associated with arthritis, diabetes, osteoporosis, heart disease, obesity and back pain
  • Why muscle tissue, a product of strength training, is so important to SLOWING the aging process
  • How to use your LOWER body to burn more fat
  • How to get motivated to STICK to your strength training schedule
  • How to MEASURE your progress so you never feel as thought your training has stalled
  • Which strength training exercises give you the most BANG for your buck
  • How much weight to employ and the proper TECHNIQUE to avoid injury
  • How to deal with the inevitable muscle SORENESS that goes with a well-executed session
  • How to SCHEDULE workouts for the maximum benefit and minimum time spent in the gym
  • How the 80/20 RULE applies to strength training
  • Why free weights work so much better than machine weights to ACTIVATE your muscle fibers
You'll also be provided with TWO full beginner workout routines, complete with video instruction so that you can see just how to perform each of these strength training movements with the proper form.

Format: PDF
The Original "Tough Guy" Exercise
Not all exercise movements are created equal. Some stand out as true strength and health builders.

In this report you will be introduced to an exercise that first became popular in the late 1800s, although it is likely that some form this workout has been practiced by warriors for thousands of years.

If you were restricted to doing just one movement, and no other, this would be the one to focus on for the following reasons:
  • It stimulates the production of testosterone like no other exercise
  • It is unique in its capacity for increasing bodily strength, from head to toe
  • It builds bone strength and thus is a great "anti-aging" remedy
  • It will "rev up" your metabolism to help melt excess body fat
  • It strengthens the spine and lower back to add functional power to everyday activities
  • It taxes the cardiovascular system to strengthen your heart and ward of cardiovascular disease
  • It instills a sense of power in the user when done correctly, and quite rightfully so!
The bottom line is that once you have added the "King Of Exercises" to your workouts you will begin to experience dramatic improvements to your physical well-being. You will also see amazing changes in your body.

Format: PDF
More Macho Moves For
"Kettlebell Warriors"
Can't find time to get to the gym? Don't have room in your home for a workout area? No problem. You can use a kettlebell!

Could this strange piece of "workout iron" that originated in ancient Greece be just the ticket to kicking off your strength training journey? Good question. Here's a few others I'll be answering as well:
  • What's so great about kettlebells?
  • Why use a kettlebell rather than a dumbell?
  • What forces the kettlebell to deliver a full-body workout?
  • Why do we have Russia to thank for the modern kettlebell?
  • Why the kettlebell makes the ideal traveling gym small enough to fit in a bowling ball bag!
  • How kettlebell training builds a powerful core
  • How to pick the kettlebell that is right for you
  • How to train properly with kettlebells so as not to injure yourself
  • Which kettlebell movements are the absolute best to perform?
And of course I'll also provide you with some short kettlebell workout plans to get you started with this unusual but incredibly effective piece of workout equipment.

Format: PDF
Bodyweight Blitz
Nothing beats strength training for revitalizing and fortifying your body for the long run. But not everyone has access to the equipment and/or weights needed to get the job done. On the other hand your own body weight can be used to provide workout resistance in a pinch. Here's a glimpse what you'll learn from your Bodyweight Blitz manual:
  • How to get the best results from the only form of exercise that can be done anytime, anywhere
  • Why some of the toughest hombres in the world (think special forces) favor bodyweight techniques over all others
  • Why a pull up bar could be one of the best investments you ever make, and is rapidly becoming the bodyweight equipment of choice in prisons everywhere!
  • How best to perform the fundamental exercises - like the pull up, dip, and burpee
  • Why bodyweight exercises are most definitely NOT for wussies. One-legged squats anyone?
  • How to create your Core Of Steel and build abdominals to die for (the ladies go ga-ga over these)
Some of the most respected athletic forms are seen in the physiques of gymnasts who train almost exclusively with their own bodyweight. So bodyweight training is well worth a look - especially if you find it hard to make time for the gym.

Format: PDF
7 Day "Lose The Gut" Meal Plan
Belly fat. This is a huge problem for guys who reach middle age and discover that the unsightly bulge above their belt is not going anywhere anytime soon.

At least not until they get to grips with what it is they are eating that is helping to maintain the status quo. But do not worry, I have you covered. This simple 7-day meal planner is designed to change all that. Inside you'll discover:
  • Just WHY it is that you need to go to war with your belly fat
  • How the 7-day meal plan can be used to kick-start your "He Man" Eating Plan
  • Why organization is the key to stripping away those excess pounds
  • A healthy breakfast option that puts bacon and eggs back on the table!
  • How to combine pea protein powder, kale, frozen berries and a nut milk to create the breakfast smoothie of champions
  • My secret lunch recipe for "flat belly soup"
  • How to prepare a dinner packed with lean protein and the only kind of carbohydrates that I personally would put on my plate!
Not only will the recipes in this meal plan help you to lose as much as 5-10 pounds in this 7 day period, putting you well on your way to that flat belly, it will help to rebalance your hormone levels which is essential to maintaining a trim physique.

Format: PDF
Mindset For "Macho Men"
One of the most important things you can do to improve your overall state of health, and in particular your coronary health, is maintain a trim physique.

In Mindset For "Macho Men" I will teach you how to adopt the required state of mind to achieve your weight loss goals. Some of the ideas you will be exposed to include:
  • Why self-beliefs are so important
  • How to embrace change to get what you want
  • One VISUALIZATION TOOL that works like magic
  • How to get to the core of your motivation to lose weight
  • The real secret to supercharging your weight loss motivation
  • How To use reality to motivate you
You can also apply the mindset strategies developed here to every other area of your life to help get what you want from it.

Format: PDF

But Wait. I Am Not Done Yet. Until I Decide To Sell It As A Separate Product, I Am ALSO Throwing In My Companion Audio Series...

Based on my work in the area of male health rejuvenation techniques, as outlined in Strong Men Stay Young, I am going to throw in a special collection of audio sessions I have had prepared by my good friend, Dr. Patrick Porter (PhD) a strategic mind messaging expert. Dr. Porter has designed a companion Brainwave Entrainment (BWE) series that will help you to super-charge your efforts to regain your vigor and masculine essence WITH NO ADDITIONAL EFFORT required!

These sessions are designed to help train your subconscious mind to work in harmony with your conscious mind to produce maximum results by managing brainwave activity and developing healthy thought patterns.

Below, you will discover in detail how each audio CD will assist you with your revujenation goals you when you decide to take me up on this terrific offer today:
Audio #1: Assess Your Mindset - Then Supercharge It
Whether or not your body LOOKS significantly different than it did 10, 20 or 30 years ago, odds are it now performs less impressively.

Your strength, endurance, and power may have all but disappeared. Your knees, shoulders, and lower back may also have begun to voice minor complaints.

With this visualization Dr. Porter will help arm you with an awareness of your true self, and to use the power of possibility thinking to bebuild from the inside out - helping to supercharge the neuro chemicals that assist in regaining your health mind-set.

Format: MP3
Audio #2: Exercise - The Key To Reclaiming Your Masculinity
Your body was designed to feel, look, and move well even at 100 years of age. But you'll be hard pressed to find a strong, fit and energetic 100 year old today.

During this session, Dr. Porter will help you see how exercising can be fun so that you can easily make it an integral part of your lifestyle. You will start each day with the attitude of a warrior and prepare your body for the demands of the day physically, mentally and emotionally.

With a strong healthy body you will move through life with your head up, shoulders back, and you will see the world as your domain knowing that what your mind can conceive and believe you are going to naturally achieve.

Format: MP3
Audio #3: Train Your Mind - Forge Your Body
As you age you find yourself muttering what was unthinkable just a few years earlier. "The old back isn't what it used to be... My knees hurt when I do that... Park the car closer so I don't have to walk so far..."

We start to hurt when we move. So we slow down and stop moving as much as we should. During this session Dr. Porter will teach you how to move away from negative social thinking and towards a powerful, confident positive inner voice that supports you with your health goals.

You are what you think about all day long. Starting today you will choose positive thoughts that lead to positive actions.

Format: MP3
Audio #4: Reclaim Your Virility - Tips To Triggering Testosterone
Testosterone influences psychological factors, including mood, memory, libido, assertiveness, and confidence. It also drives physiological factors, such as cholesterol levels, sperm production and control of blood sugar.

But these are invisible signs of emasculation. Man-boobs and grumpy old man syndrome are what OTHERS actually see.

This session from Dr. Porter is designed to help you reclaim the testosterone edge that shows up as a smile and confidence in social settings. Your mind is able to release over 30,000 chemicals. So why not sit back relax and put the most powerful pharmacy on earth to work for you? Through the power of thought alone you will move towards a state of naturally balanced hormones and lead the life you were born to live.

Format: MP3
Audio #5: Lower Body Fat And Transform Your Body Into A Fat Burning Machine
Dr. Porter has spent his career helping people who want to lose weight but have little or no motivation to make the necessary changes to their lives.

The purpose of this session is to help you boost your metabolic rate which has been dialed down due to a sedentary lifestyle. This program will help you to plan, program and create a lifestyle in which weight loss resistance is a thing of the past.

This will allow you to tap those unwanted reservoirs fat as energy, so that you can sleep deeper and awaken each day with the boundless energy needed to continue the mission to improve your life.

Format: MP3
Audio #6: Manage Your Time - And Make Exercise Scheduling A Priority
Despite our modern technology-driven lifestyles full of time saving devices, we nonetheless seem to be busier than ever. The result is often fatigue from lack of quality sleep and not enough time to exercise and eat properly. We are spending too much time working, doing, being, and giving to everyone else but ourselves.

Dr. Porter uses this session to put the problem into the proper perspective so that you have a much better chance at correctly managing the 86,400 seconds you have every day to get things headed in the right direction and allot the necessary time for physical activity.

Format: MP3
Audio #7: Strive For Health Today, To Live Strong Tomorrow
Don't be the person who ends up saying "If I only knew that I was going to live this long I would have taken better care of myself."

So many people exchange short term pleasure for long term health. But with modern day life expectancy being so high, this is not a mistake you can afford to make.

Wayne Dyer once said, "Never let an old person inhabit your body." To an extent, youth is a state of mind. This sesssion will help you to visualize your daily health goals and make choices that have long term positive benefits. So sit back, relax, and allow Dr. Porter to enlist the help of your powerful non-conscious mind to put your health and longevity program on autopilot.

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Audio #8: Successfully Resolve Your Energy And Weight Issues For Good
This session is designed to recap all that Carolyn and Dr. Porter have trained you to do to build a strong healthy meaningful life. This mental technique will help build "subconscious patterns of genius". Problems in your life will give rise to dreams that spell solutions and foster everyday habits of positive action. Imagine awaken each day with a sense of power and destiny. No longer will you leave life to chance. Instead, you will consciously reshape your body and mind from the inside out.

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Carolyn you've turned my life around!


I am a 51 year old graphic designer and I am seated for up to 10 hours a day without moving much. I had the benefit of meeting Carolyn in person and she has mentored me on my approach to my health.

I was 112kg (247lb). I had high blood pressure, high cholesterol, eating all the 'fast' foods and not exercising any more than walking to the fridge for another beer. Since then I have dropped 16kg (35lbs) of body fat and put on about 22lbs muscle. I was old before my time, aching knees, hips and shoulders.

Now I eat well, sleep well, blood pressure is back to normal. I feel fantastic and there are even compliments in the bedroom... Wow, thanks Carolyn you've turned my life around!

John Kearney
My confidence has returned

I am a man in my early forties and as soon as I read the salespage for 'Strong Men Stay Young' I felt like they were talking to me. After reading a little more I bought the program and immediately put it to use.

After 33 days I can say that I have changed a lot, I have more energy, I have lost around 9 pounds in weight and can start to see muscle definition that I thought I had lost forever.

Best of all, my confidence has returned and has spurred me on to keep going with my new regimen.

Steven Aitchison
22lbs lighter - I look better, feel better

My life has improved since receiving your wonderful book, Strong Men Stay Young. I'm 44 now, but I've had to deal with weight problems since my childhood and as the years passed, losing weight became ever more difficult.

In fact, I'd resigned myself to being overweight, even after I was told of the significant health risks I was facing because of it.

There's no doubt in my mind that Strong Men Stay Young's healthy eating strategies and exercise tips helped to change all that. I began by making conscious food choices and within a few days this became my 'normal' life. Let me tell you, I ain't looked back since.

22lbs lighter - I look better, feel better and most importantly, I know I can keep doing it. I never thought I'd say this, but it's actually FUN! Thanks for everything,

Bobby Evans
Stress and lifelong anxiety are both gone

Hi, I'm writing to tell you about the change I've felt within just four weeks of reading Strong Men Stay Young.

My physical and emotional health weren't what they ought to be. I was constantly tired and stressed out by my busy city job. I was also three stone overweight, which made me miserable and even more stressed. In other words, both mind and body needed help badly.

I needed a real solution, so I put my negative thoughts on hold for once and purchased your book "Strong Men Stay Young". Now, I have an entirely different way of life and we've even started our own home-run family business, which is going great.

With your help, the stress and lifelong anxiety are both gone for good. Strong Men Stay Young has guided my mind to a place of peace that I could never have envisioned only two months ago.

Dave Jones-Burton, 39
My life has changed beyond recognition

I'd like to thank you for your wonderful book Strong Men Stay Young (I read it all in one go and then read it again). You've encouraged me to eat healthier for the sake of my body, not just my desires. What I mean by that is by incorporating a healthy eating plan, my life has changed beyond recognition.

I've struggled with weight all my life, but Strong Men Stay Young has helped me so much. Using the tips on exercise, I'm feeling the fittest I have for many years and I'm finally adding muscle where there used to be 'pork'. Plus, nowadays my whole family enjoys cooking with fresh produce that we always thought was pretty bland.

If you're serious about losing weight, so you can live a healthier lifestyle, then Strong Men Stay Young is a great place to start. It gives great tips and advice to help you every step of the way.

I have to thank you from the bottom of my healthier, beating heart. You've helped me more than you could've ever imagined.

Ray Cowie, 50
Stress and lifelong anxiety are both gone

Hi, just wanted you to know that after years of stress and anxiety attacks 'Strong Men Stay Young' has recently become my lifeline. It showed me that even at my age (48) you CAN still find peace and calm in the midst of chaos and confusion.

The advice within the book has proven so powerful and helpful to me that sometimes I wonder how I ever managed without it. I would highly recommend 'Strong Men Stay Young' for anyone who needs real tools that will lead to a much healthier state of mind.

I honestly thought I'd ever be able to enjoy life again. Thank you so much for proving me wrong.

Roger James, 48

If You're Half The Man You Used To Be - Now's Your Chance To Double Down While You Still Can!

Of course there is more to the story of "middle-age crisis" than just the sad realization that you are losing control over your ability to both feel and assert your manliness.

There are physical health implications that go along with the slow downward slide. Consequences that for many men end with hospitalization, incapacitation, and even death. You may even know someone your age who has suffered from a coronary event to the surprise of every one around them.

Maybe you have climbed a couple of sets of stairs in the recent past and found yourself almost totally out of breath and your heart pumping wildly for oxygen and it has occurred to you that you REALLY need to do something about that.

One of my favorite poems is by the Welsh poet Dylan Thomas. It is all about saying NO to the ravages of time and mounting a defense against it and I could not agree more with Thomas' point of view:
Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night

Do not go gentle into that good night,
Old age should burn and rave at close of day;
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

Though wise men at their end know dark is right,
Because their words had forked no lightning they
Do not go gentle into that good night.

Good men, the last wave by, crying how bright
Their frail deeds might have danced in a green bay,
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

Wild men who caught and sang the sun in flight,
And learn, too late, they grieved it on its way,
Do not go gentle into that good night.

Grave men, near death, who see with blinding sight
Blind eyes could blaze like meteors and be gay,
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

And you, my father, there on that sad height,
Curse, bless, me now with your fierce tears, I pray.
Do not go gentle into that good night.
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

- Dylan Thomas
Just like Thomas, I'm not about to sit back and let the "natural" course of biology overtake me - and nor should you. So here are a few last points I want you to consider before you leave this page.
  • Do you want to leave your fate to CHANCE and risk fading away in spirit and flesh in the very near future?

  • Are you prepared to DISAPPOINT your family as they watch the vital and fun-loving man they depend on simply DISAPPEAR from their life?

  • Are you ready to accept the FRIGHTENING idea that the good times in your life are now behind you - for good?
If I'm right, there's only one answer to these questions that makes any sense to you right now: Hell no! I'm not ready to begin "aging gracefully" just yet!

And if that's the case, I can help you.

Plus You Get This Exclusive Bonus!

Created Specifically For This Program. A manual On The Essential Art Of Self Accountability.

You've set some big goals. You've made a commitment to see them through. But HOW do you put one foot in front of the other to get from A to Z?

In "Make It Happen" you'll learn how to break down your plan of action into easy-to-digest steps that will significantly improve your odds of achieving your goals. You'll also learn how to stick to the plan by making yourself accountable to the only person who truly cares whether or not you ultimately succeed - YOU!

Exclusive Offering - Included As A Bonus For You

Ready To Restore The Man You Used To Be?

I have spelled out what my Strong Men Stay Young approach is all about. The next part is up to you.

If you want to restore the vitality to your life that you once enjoyed so much (but very possibly took for granted) this is your chance to make that change, while you still have the opportunity to do so. There is only so long you can wait with this before it simply becomes too difficult to wind the clock back - too difficult to achieve both physically and mentally.

But for you, that day has not arrived. Not yet.
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YES, Carolyn. I'm ready to for you to show me how to restore the youth I have allowed to slip away. I want to meet up again with the man I used to be and experience the physical and mental benefits of feeling young again. Yup, I am ready for you to show me the way!

Send me my copy of Strong Men Stay Young, an ebook collection in PDF format which can be read by any PDF reader such as Adobe Reader, for...

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