Low Testosterone Tells All

testosterone-treatmentHormones are master controllers when it comes to growth, development and reproduction in the body.

They are produced by the endocrine glands that deposit the hormones into the bloodstream where they become the body’s chemical messengers relaying information between different functions and various parts and organs. They coordinate activities and processes in the whole body. [Read more…]

Motivation Makes Everything Easier

newlifemotivationBeginning a new exercise program can be challenging at best…especially the first few weeks. In order to be successful you must turn your new habit of exercising into a permanent part of your life. The best way to do that is to sort your priorities out.

The short-term strategy is to exercise your inner discipline…this gets you started but discipline needs to partner with motivation because its motivation that keeps you going. They are the perfect working relationship. [Read more…]

Mind-Matters When it Comes to Weight-loss

mind mattersAre you aware that you are running “mind programs” that are likely killing all your efforts at losing weight and getting fit?

Often overweight issues stem from “old programming” that’s created deep distorted grooves in our vibratory pattern and these patterns or grooves are in constant “play” mode until we shut them down for good.

If you can’t fix a present computer problem with old programming, neither can you fix your present personal issues…whether weight related, health related or fitness related with the old programming your mind is presently running. [Read more…]

The Power of Push-Ups

Visiblepushups abdominal muscles, a firm tight chest and horse shoe triceps all suggest upper body strength and there is no better exercise to perform to achieve this look than push-ups.

The push up, one of the simplest and best exercises you can perform, is regularly used in the gym, the school yard and Special Forces training camps. [Read more…]

Broccoli and Tomatoes together are a Super-food Powerhouse

broccoli and tomatoes2There are a multitude of foods that have been identified as super foods. Super foods sport special chemicals that ward off aging and longevity because they support and promote fast cellular repair.

Everyone needs to include super foods in their diet because of the nutritional boost they provide but there are certain super foods that have been identified as top super foods for men because of the specific male benefits they can provide.br [Read more…]

Inflammation Fighting Foods and Foes

Disease-or-illness-caused-by-inflammationYour immune system protects your health. Anything that your body sees as foreign (invading chemicals, plant pollens or microbes) it attacks.

That’s your immune system at work and this process is called inflammation.

Inflammation that is directed at threatening invaders is protecting your health, it’s a good thing. [Read more…]

Target Your Leg Muscles with Lunges

lunge-maximise-every-muscle-fricker-20042012-mdnIn order to build a powerful lower body through body-weight leg exercises, squats are king and the perfect place to begin, however lunges are another great body-weight exercise that can be performed nearly anywhere and if you’ve conquered the squat and you’re ready for a new challenge, check out the variety of lunges that can be performed.

Functional and challenging, the lunge is a excellent exercise for developing the thighs and strengthening the hips.

Basically Lunges target two primary muscles groups:

       1) hip extensors, comprising the glutes (the gluteal muscles) and hamstrings
      2) knee extensors, made up of the muscles collectively known as the quadriceps.

There are a variety of lunges you can perform so once you have the basics down, you can modify your lunge workouts in many different ways in order to work different muscles.

[Read more…]

Leptin Resistance is no Joke…

leptin resistanceBecause the hormones your fat cells produce have an impact on how much food you consume and how much fat you burn leptin resistance is emerging as another leading cause of obesity, weight loss issues and age related weight gain 

Leptin, derived from the Greek word “leptos” (meaning thin) is a key hormone involved in hunger, our metabolism (the rate we burn fuel) and the control of how energy from fats and carbohydrates get stored and utilized. [Read more…]

Enjoy Permanent Weight-Loss and Dieting Success Using the 80/20 Principle

80-20The 80/20 rule or Pareto’s Principle is named after Italian economist-sociologist and Professor of Economy at Lausanne Switzerland, Vilfredo Pareto (1848-1923) who first discovered and described the 80/20 effect. The Pareto Principle is extremely useful with endless applications in organizing all areas of our business and private lives.

In fact, if you pause and reflect on your life, it’s easy to see this ratio applied all over the place.

Basically this powerful principle/law states that 80 percent of the results you’re experiencing need to come from 20 percent of your efforts you’re putting towards those results. [Read more…]

Building New Positive Habits

positive1Have you analyzed your health status recently? Where on your priority list does it currently rank?

Truth is, the more we focus on and analyze our values and priorities, the easier it is for us to modify them and elevate their status giving them the importance they deserve.

This is a golden opportunity to get to the core of your personal health, fitness and weight issues but it will take some effort on your part as you begin shifting away from your old ingrained patterns of behavior that no longer serve you (everything that is part of your old values system) to more positive life enhancing habits. [Read more…]