Are You Taking Care of Your Heart Muscle?

heart_healthAlthough the heart has always been associated with love, very few people really pay attention to their own hearts or put much thought into the role it plays.

As long as this mysterious vibrating organ keeps doing its job of keeping us alive and breathing most people don’t give it a second thought.

However, heart disease is nothing to fool around with and unlike what most believe, it is not just a disease or condition that strikes older people. Heart disease has become the number two killer in the developed world and now accounts for 40 percent of all deaths with cancer taking the number one spot.

The problem with cardiovascular degeneration is that it is a gradual, lifelong process that is not seen or felt until the damage is done. Heart disease takes decades to develop and precisely the reason people…including you need to be paying more attention to their hearts now…giving it the due attention it needs now not later in life after the damage has been done. [Read more…]

Prevention is the Key to Vital Health and Long Life

preventive medicineEven though lack of proper exercise puts you at a 40% more risk of developing cancer and 50% more at risk for heart disease, it’s a sad statistic that nearly 8 out of 10 people ignore numbers, go through life with blinders on and never bother to develop an exercise program.

We must stop looking at exercise as some frivolous pastime and shift our perception to that of “preventive medicine”.

The cost of inactivity is not a cost anyone can afford. The gym seems inconvenient now but how inconvenient does it feel when you stack it against future life threatening diseases and the rest of your life spent in doctors’ offices and hospitals fighting disease? [Read more…]

2 Tried and Proven Kettlebell Workouts to Get You Going

kettlebell_work-out2jpgIdeas for kettlebell work-outs are nearly limitless and it’s time to put your knew knowledge to good use in a fat burning, power building kettlebell training program.

Here’s two great tried and prove kettlebell workouts to get you going.

Kettlebell Full Body Workout

This work-out is a personal favorite because it covers your entire body. Perform these kettlebell exercises at least once or twice a week and allow at least two solid days of rest in between. [Read more…]

Mighty Mineral Magnesium

Magnesium-The-Mighty-MineralThe mineral magnesium has been hailed for its positive benefits against sudden cardiac arrest, stroke and heart attack but it’s far reaching effects to our health are proving to go much deeper.

This super mineral has no less than 100 health and therapeutic benefits. It plays a significant role in the body’s detoxification processes helping prevent damage from heavy metals, environmental chemicals and other poisons and toxins.

Glutathione is the body’s super antioxidant and requires magnesium for its synthesis. [Read more…]

The Energy and Power of Words

Exercise-Quotes-91Everyone needs a little inspiration and motivation and sometimes something as easy as reading a simple quote will do it.

Words are energy and have the power to get us through everything from a bad day to giving us the power to pursue our life’s dreams.

All of us have experienced a moment when just the right word was said or read that kick-started our energy and left us feeling connected, awake and alert. [Read more…]

Raw Bars and Truffles…YUM!

rawbarsWho doesn’t love to snack?

It’s not about who loves to snack but more about “is the snack good for you”.

Everyone loves to snack so wouldn’t it be great if you could find snacks that you get excited about eating, look tempting, are satisfying and healthy? That would seem like a tough call but with all the fresh ingredients that are readily available these days returning to the kitchen and creating your own snacks using raw foods is the way to go and it’s easier than ever.

Bottom line is this: home cooking is the best thing you can do for your health. You’re in control from the moment you buy your products to knowing exactly what how they are prepared. [Read more…]

Tips to Stay on Track With Your Workout Routine

jume workoutExercising and new workout routines come with their own challenges.

One of these is being self-accountable. Self-accountability is important in all aspects of life if we are to experience success and exercising is no different.

One of the best ways to stay accountable for your workouts is to create a workout calendar that can tract all your workouts monthly.

Every time you complete a workout, eat a healthy meal or take your supplements, cross it off! [Read more…]

Essene Breads are Healthy and Delicious

essene loafUnfortunately in our busy modern days it is far easier to buy some prepared and prepackaged food that you can eat right away rather than preparing foods from scratch.

However the cost to your health is very high…you will experience poor health for years and possibly even shorten your lifespan.

Raw uncooked food is super healthy and gives you all the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients your body needs for optimal health. [Read more…]

10 “Food Rules” to Stay Young and Fight Aging

eating cleanOne of the most important things you can do for your health is to keep yourself from becoming toxic. The best way to keep your system clean and non-toxic is through food and physical activity.

If your current diet consists of a high percentage of processed, refined foods, over time this is going to rob you of your health. It is imperative that you get to work changing the ratio and swapping out this non-nutrient food and replacing it with real food…food that is alive and filled with precious vitamins, minerals and enzymes. [Read more…]

The Foundation of Manhood is Being Threatened

growing oldGetting older is not for sissies or for the fainthearted.

Without a doubt, your health should be regarded as your most treasured asset. It should never be relegated to the back burner as something that “will be taken care of tomorrow”. Tomorrow may never arrive if you don’t tend to it today.

There is a short but sweet guiding principle to maintaining excellent health and that is:

“Strong Men Stay Young”, pretty simple huh? [Read more…]