Discover Your Sabotaging Health and Fitness Thoughts and Beliefs…

listen2Coming face to face with the excuses we entertain concerning our health and fitness is the first step towards achieving our goals.

We must face our self-talk…the dialogue that is consistently playing in the background and controlling our thought processes and beliefs about ourselves and our ability to achieve what we dream and envision for ourselves.

We need to rewrite the programming that is playing in our heads to one that puts us in charge.

The best tool to accomplish that is to write down on paper in the form of a written contract every reason and excuse you can think of why you believe your dreams are not achievable and then list any viable options you can take rather than giving in to them.  [Read more…]

Healthy Mind Means Healthy Body…

chfitness2Past failures with dieting can accumulate and have huge adverse impacts on your self-confidence and your self-beliefs about your ability to succeed with your fat loss efforts.

These negative past experiences can foster damaging beliefs like “I can’t lose weight,” or “I’ll always be fat” or “I am never going to be able to lose weight,” or many other equally harmful thoughts. [Read more…]

Consistency, Persistence and Commitment are the Key to Healthy Living

one step at a timeThe importance of consistency when adopting any exercise program or new health habits cannot be understated. In fact, it is mandatory for long term success.

Truth is, consistent improved healthy habits such as healthy eating and exercise are not physical issues…they are mental ones.

An important key to long-term training success is to understand the mental risk associated with missing “one workout.”

Seems harmless enough at the moment, but it breaks the habit of training and that one workout that you missed that seemed so innocent at the time then leads to another and another and before you know it, you have become a non-exerciser. [Read more…]

Foods that Build and Maintain Muscle

muscle building foodsYou’ve taken the big step. You joined a gym. You’re finally on your way to the body you’ve always envisioned.

Well, sort of. You are half way there.

If you are serious about building muscle and losing fat then your diet must reflect these choices. You cannot stick to a diet of processed “dead” foods and unhealthy fats and expect your actions at the gym to overcome those obstacles. [Read more…]

The Vicious Cycle of Inflammation

steak and veggiesInflammation could unknowingly be affecting your weight loss goals as well as your overall health and well-being.

The more toxic your body, the more inflamed fat cells you have and the more likely you will be holding onto your fat stores making it harder to lose fat/weight. Cells become large and inflamed when exposed to toxic stressors by the food we eat, our environment or even our emotions.

The body does an amazing job of filtering out as many toxins as it can…however even the body struggles when you overload it with poisons and the result is a weight-loss resistant body. [Read more…]

Your Body Knows Best

preventionThere are many modern lifestyle diseases that are crippling and shortening lifespans but the “big three” are heart disease, cancer and diabetes.

If one of these diseases get holds of your body…there is no permanent cure…not by a doctor, drugs or any current medical procedure. At this point, they can only be managed which severely impacts lifestyles to the point of leading “half a life…most of it a struggle.” [Read more…]

Broccoli and Tomatoes together are a Super-food Powerhouse

broccoli and tomatoes2There are a multitude of foods that have been identified as super foods. Super foods sport special chemicals that ward off aging and longevity because they support and promote fast cellular repair.

Everyone needs to include super foods in their diet because of the nutritional boost they provide but there are certain super foods that have been identified as top super foods for men because of the specific male benefits they can [Read more…]

Inflammation Fighting Foods and Foes

Disease-or-illness-caused-by-inflammationYour immune system protects your health. Anything that your body sees as foreign (invading chemicals, plant pollens or microbes) it attacks.

That’s your immune system at work and this process is called inflammation.

Inflammation that is directed at threatening invaders is protecting your health, it’s a good thing. [Read more…]

Leptin Resistance is no Joke…

leptin resistanceBecause the hormones your fat cells produce have an impact on how much food you consume and how much fat you burn leptin resistance is emerging as another leading cause of obesity, weight loss issues and age related weight gain 

Leptin, derived from the Greek word “leptos” (meaning thin) is a key hormone involved in hunger, our metabolism (the rate we burn fuel) and the control of how energy from fats and carbohydrates get stored and utilized. [Read more…]

Enjoy Permanent Weight-Loss and Dieting Success Using the 80/20 Principle

80-20The 80/20 rule or Pareto’s Principle is named after Italian economist-sociologist and Professor of Economy at Lausanne Switzerland, Vilfredo Pareto (1848-1923) who first discovered and described the 80/20 effect. The Pareto Principle is extremely useful with endless applications in organizing all areas of our business and private lives.

In fact, if you pause and reflect on your life, it’s easy to see this ratio applied all over the place.

Basically this powerful principle/law states that 80 percent of the results you’re experiencing need to come from 20 percent of your efforts you’re putting towards those results. [Read more…]