Men, Stress and Weight Gain

stress1Not surprising, several hormonal imbalances come into play when men experience weight gain so it only makes sense then if these hormones were balanced again it would have a huge impact on weight loss.

Stress is, without a doubt, a way of life in the 21st Century. Although an immediate response to acute stress is usually a temporary loss of appetite, chronic stress is another story altogether. [Read more…]

Your Body Knows Best

preventionThere are many modern lifestyle diseases that are crippling and shortening lifespans but the “big three” are heart disease, cancer and diabetes.

If one of these diseases get holds of your body…there is no permanent cure…not by a doctor, drugs or any current medical procedure. At this point, they can only be managed which severely impacts lifestyles to the point of leading “half a life…most of it a struggle.” [Read more…]

Testosterone Loss is a Major Problem

testosterone1The modern world we all operate in has given us some new and tough challenges to overcome.

Cancer, heart disease, diabetes and dozens of other physical afflictions are threatening us in ways never before seen in the history of humankind. And, if you are male you have your own set of unique challenges beyond these.

Truth is, millions of men worldwide are suffering from the effects of their modern environments and as a result, are having to deal with “male health” problems that include: [Read more…]

Amazing Wheatgrass Juice

wheatjuiceWheatgrass appears as a simple grass…but looks can be deceiving.

This superfood is actually among the most powerful natural detoxifying agents containing more than 90 minerals, including potassium, magnesium, sodium and calcium as well as enzymes and 19 important amino acids.

This superfood works to keep blood clean and oxygenated as well as keeping the red blood cell count high. It also works at detoxifying the liver. [Read more…]

Naturally Boost Testosterone Levels

testie1Looking for a magic solution to boosting your testosterone levels? Truth is, if there was a magic solution to this decreasing hormone, we wouldn’t have the conditions we find ourselves in.

Testosterone plays a critical role in men’s health. It works at maintaining muscle mass, bone density and sex drive for starters. Unfortunately, testosterone is at its highest early in adulthood and begins declining a bit each year after.

Although there is no magic solution to fixing testosterone levels, there are natural ways to help boost it up. [Read more…]

10 “Food Rules” to Stay Young and Fight Aging

eating cleanOne of the most important things you can do for your health is to keep yourself from becoming toxic. The best way to keep your system clean and non-toxic is through food and physical activity.

If your current diet consists of a high percentage of processed, refined foods, over time this is going to rob you of your health. It is imperative that you get to work changing the ratio and swapping out this non-nutrient food and replacing it with real food…food that is alive and filled with precious vitamins, minerals and enzymes. [Read more…]

The Foundation of Manhood is Being Threatened

growing oldGetting older is not for sissies or for the fainthearted.

Without a doubt, your health should be regarded as your most treasured asset. It should never be relegated to the back burner as something that “will be taken care of tomorrow”. Tomorrow may never arrive if you don’t tend to it today.

There is a short but sweet guiding principle to maintaining excellent health and that is:

“Strong Men Stay Young”, pretty simple huh? [Read more…]

How Much Abdominal Fat Do You Have?

strong men stay youngAs men age, not only do they lose fat burning muscle tissue, but 2.6 pounds of body fat suddenly appear on their bodies each year as the metabolic rate is dialed down and the body can no longer burn all of the food eaten. And, guess what? It is stored as fat.

Many people have the mistaken belief that if their weight has not changed they are healthy but the truth is even without body weight change fat can be stored deep inside the abdomen hindering the functioning of major organs and increasing the risk of chronic disease. It doesn’t matter if the bathroom scale stays the same the body composition of muscle to fat ratio changes. [Read more…]

The Best Self Health Investment Of A Lifetime – Your Own Health

Throughout our working years we are generally concerned about saving money and investing it wisely so we can have financial security when our working life is over. Yet few of us plan for our health and wellness just when we will need it the most. Somehow we believe that whether we remain well or if we go down a path of disease and illness is merely the result of “Lady Luck’ or fate.

We do not seem to accept the things we do and do not do particularly in the way of healthy eating and proper exercise over the years in the end impacts on whether our health span matches our life span.

With the wealth of information available no one can say that they are not aware of the importance of keeping one’s strength and fitness right throughout life. Fifty to one hundred years ago life was very different in that most people had to be physically active just to meet the daily demands of life.

That has changed dramatically, now we literally do not have to ‘move a muscle’ to live and spend as much as 80 percent of our day sitting in one type of chair or another.

Just as a diet of processed foods leads to health problems somewhere down the road, a lifestyle without enough muscle maintaining activity leads to a weakening of our body and all of its systems. This is how we get hit with the killer diseases that are epidemic in our modern day world.

If you are not moving much now, or movements are limited to going from the bed, to the car, to the desk, to the couch you are in fact living without enough activity to keep your body and its defense systems strong and resilient and your disease risk low.

If your brain does not receive the message from your muscles that strength is needed on an ongoing basic it switches the body into ‘shut-down’ mode. The muscular system is the engine of the body making up to 50 percent of our body weight. So, when it is allowed to grow weak and diminish through disuse this causes a premature decay and degenerative affect on the rest of the body.

But you can so easily put a stop to this and in fact can stimulate the hormones again and ‘wake-up’ every cell in your body putting the brakes on the aging process. There is only one type of activity that can do this – strength training exercise. The muscles need direct controlled loading with adequate resistance so that they become stronger. Forget long duration low intensity activity as it will not give these benefits.

bluemountainStrength training exercise is so effective only a little is needed to do the job. The more effort you put into it the less of it you need. Even a couple of sessions each week will strengthen up those ‘sleeping’ muscles and once they are woken up they will produce energy, vitality and vigor. This is what is needed to lead a higher quality of life and nothing less will do it.

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The Best Time Of The Day To Exercise

shutterstock_60954469We are all so busy these days – rushing around often hardly having time to catch our breath. The last thing on our mind is making time to exercise and we seem to have no qualms about using our lack of time as an excuse not to do it.

But what if we improved our time management so we can fit in just two sessions each week of a proper efficient strengthening exercise program? Think of the benefits to our physical, mental and emotional health and well-being we would receive. [Read more…]