Prevention is the Key to Vital Health and Long Life


preventive medicineEven though lack of proper exercise puts you at a 40% more risk of developing cancer and 50% more at risk for heart disease, it’s a sad statistic that nearly 8 out of 10 people ignore numbers, go through life with blinders on and never bother to develop an exercise program.

We must stop looking at exercise as some frivolous pastime and shift our perception to that of “preventive medicine”.

The cost of inactivity is not a cost anyone can afford. The gym seems inconvenient now but how inconvenient does it feel when you stack it against future life threatening diseases and the rest of your life spent in doctors’ offices and hospitals fighting disease?

Prevention is the only real solution to staying strong, fit and healthy and avoid putting yourself at risk for illness and disease.

This process of prevention is important for everyone, but just being a man puts you at greater risk for good health later in life…in other words, compared to women, men are more at risk for big killer disease like heart disease and cancer and are twice as likely to keel over.

Men are at severe risk of losing their muscle mass after the age of 25 unless their job is physical and involves lots of manual labor or they are involved in a regular program of exercise made up primarily of strength training exercises.

What many men do not realize nor appreciate is the fact that this loss of muscle tissue is not only unattractive and puts them at risk of disease, but it also causes them to age faster than necessary.

The onset of this muscle tissue loss begins early, stealing a ½ pound of muscle a year for those in their mid-twenties who lead a sedentary lifestyle.

As men move towards their 50’s this process accelerates and doubles to muscle loss of around one pound per year.


Called sarcopenia, this muscle loss bleeds a man of his precious muscle mass and unfortunately for most, goes unnoticed until it is too late. Along with the loss of muscle, comes weakened bones and a higher risk of fractures. Without strong muscles pulling on the bones they are attached to there is no need for the bones to remain strong so osteoporosis sets in.

Osteoporosis is a disease where the bones become fragile and break easily and strikes on in five men (more than prostate cancer) worldwide.

However, it doesn’t have to be this way…someone of the same age who has been working their muscles regularly will experience much less muscle loss.

Bone is living tissue which is constantly renewing itself and requires regular stimulating from vigorous physical activity. Bones, like muscles should be used regularly or they weaken and deteriorate.

Muscle mass loss is a slow and gradual process and largely hidden. Even the scales won’t alert you to this danger as your weight may still be the same or nearly the same because the muscle mass lost is replaced with body fat (this fat does not directly replace the actual muscle tissue as many people mistakenly believe it just fills the space around the withered muscle).

When bones and muscles deteriorate, the bits that sit between he bones and allow us to move out limbs, joints, ligaments and tendons become stiff, painful, tight and are easily injured.

You often hear men in their 40’s and 50’s grumble about knee, back or shoulder pain because they are experiencing joint problems.

This loss of muscle is also directly linked to a decline in overall metabolic rate (your body’s engine and the rate at which you burn fuel) allowing you to gain excess body fat.

Without enough muscle building and maintaining activity a man’s musculature eventually is reduced by up to 50 percent which is what eventually lands him in a nursing, frail and disabled and unable to take care of himself.

Is this what you are painting in the near future or possibly suffering severe symptoms already?

This is likely the scenario you are facing if you are not doing some form of “strength training” for both your muscles and your bones.

Everything you need to know about gaining back or retaining your masculinity is covered in “Strong Men Stay Young”…a comprehensive program designed just for men that covers diet, exercise and hormones.

Don’t wait another day. Your health and longevity truly do depend on it.

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