Are You a Yo-yo Exerciser?


first stepHave you become a yo-yo exerciser? Are there patches of no action is your life…when all exercise is on the back burner and then suddenly it becomes full tilt when you’ve decided its time to lose weight and get fit so we dial up our efforts to full steam in order to get our results as quick as possible.

If you  continue to ride this roller coaster of ‘off/on’ fitness and healthy eating, stopping and starting exercise programs and diets it will never really become “something you become”…it will always be something you are trying to “get”.

It’s priority stays low on your list and exercise becomes something “you do” when the mood strikes you or you have time left over and the result will be minimal which is not very motivating.

The problem lies with momentum. It’s just like climbing a mountain. As long as we are climbing and taking one step in front of the other we eventually get there. However if we stop or slide back to the beginning we have to create momentum again to even start the climb. It’s just easier to keep your original momentum and continue climbing even if you need to slow down or even stop and catch a breath.

The issue begins as people start off with such huge hiss and roar with an exercise program or new eating regime that they cannot continue at that level and maintain it for long. Extreme measures like going to the gym 4-5 times a week and reducing food intake to the starving level will only cause you to crash and burn. These short term bursts do nothing to cement vital fitness and healthy eating firmly into your life permanently. They are simply not effective because they are impossible to maintain.

We need to be realistic. “Slow and steady” is what wins the race. The journey to true fitness and better eating is a journey made up of 100’s of small steps, not short bursts of full on effort then nothing for weeks. Each time you exercise and eat heathy you’ve taken a small important step…each step taking you closer to that slim, lean, strong, healthy, feel-good energetic body you deserve to live in.

The easiest way to accomplish this is to add bits in each week to your exercise program.

Start with one or two exercise sessions or simply make sure you have your healthy (unprocessed) meals prepared the night before so you can take them with you when you leave the house for the day or simply have them ready to eat if you are at home.

The goal is to shift your habits so that they become so ingrained that they are you are permanent habits that give you fantastic results.

Over time, excess weight will slowly melt away and you’ll gain strength and fitness from just a couple of exercise sessions (as long as they contain strength and training exercise and you put effort into them). Not only will your excess weight melt off, but your energy levels will soar and you’ll find it much easier to keep climbing that mountain.

If you struggle to take weight off and find yourself in an up and down pattern…I can help. “Strong Men Stay Young” is a comprehensive program created just for men that covers everything from diet to exercise and hormones. Don’t wait another day…all it takes is the right coaching and you’ll be off and running.

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