Are You Doing The Best Exercises To Give You The ‘Most Bang’ For Your Buck?


Squats2A slowing metabolism (the body’s engine) that has us burning less fuel as we get older can mean keeping body weight stable can be a major problem. But the easy way to stay in shape regardless of age is to use the right type of exercises.

It’s time to bring the science of fitness and weight loss out of the dark ages and apply a new understanding of proper exercise’s impact on hormones and metabolism.

The link between the two is one that cannot be ignored any longer because, if the body’s fat burning and fat storing hormones are not balanced you will gain weight even if it is on the inside (internally) where you cannot see it placing you at a higher disease risk.

The hormone having the most influence on our metabolism is the master hormone Human Growth Hormone (HGH). It is plentiful in our body before the age of 21 then we begin to produce less of it. By the time we are 40 nearly everyone is deficient in HGH and at age 80 our production has all but stopped.

This protein hormone affects the growth and repair of cells, bones, muscles and organs in all areas of the body. When deficient in HGH we experience accelerated aging and the symptoms include loss of muscle tissue and strength, weakening bones, decreased energy, an increase in body fat, decreased libido, a greater risk of disease and a lower life expectancy.

In other words, the symptoms we recognize as aging.

If you are attempting to lose weight and slow the rate of aging the most important thing you can do is to start a proper exercise program that contains big multi-joint exercises like the squat and dead lift.

Your ultimate goal is to increase your metabolism which will increase the rate your body burns fuel 24 hours a day even when you are at rest. Think of it like putting your foot on the gas pedal of your car. We increase the revs and go faster.


That’s what you can do when you use these special exercises and perform them at the correct level of intensity (degree of effort used). Doing this will stimulate the release of the “fitness hormone” HGH which is the magic substance that will chew into your body’s fat stores and make you younger. And not just a little bit younger, a whole lot younger in every way.

Only these ‘big’ exercises…like squats and dead lifts… that use multiple muscle groups all at once have the power to do this. Forget little bitty biceps curls and exercises that only work one or two muscles together. And certainly forget ‘cardio’ high repetition, low intensity type of activity. Don’t waste your time. Keep in mind that you need to CHALLENGE your body for it to change or improve.

The good thing is with an increased metabolism you will not only coax your body to burn more fat you will in turn create more energy since the burning of calories creates energy. This extra energy will be what fuels your workouts and will increase as you build up your strength. It’s a positive cycle of body strengthening.

What is most interesting is that a person does not have to bear hunger pangs and starve themselves half to death to lose weight by this method. Just do the right type of exercise that form the base of your exercise program and watch the magic happen.

It’s a sad fact that most doctors are primarily taught to treat disease rather than focus on health consciousness.  So, people need to become well-informed and eager to understand how they can participate in their own healthcare, even as basic as weight control and more importantly reducing disease risk and the right type of exercise is the key.

Using exercise to balance hormones is the most effective and permanent fat loss method available. Even if you have hit your 40’s or 50’s and the excesses of your younger days are starting to catch up with you – your properly structured exercise program will revitalize and bring about a healthier, young and more vital you..

Sure it’s not a quick fix, there is no such thing, but there is a slow fix: ramp up your exercise program with these big exercises and rev up your metabolism to burn more calories round the clock even when you are resting. It’s the manly thing to do, and the time to start is now.

Just go to the home page of this website and check out my Strong Men Stay Young program where I can share with you my 30 something years of experience in these types of exercises to help make you the healthiest man you can be.

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