Back Muscles Are Your Skeletal Support System


posture2You know the saying…”the chain is only as strong as its weakest link.” This platitude also applies to our body strength and many of us tend to have the shortcoming of a weak link…our lower back.

It’s not at all unusual for the lower back muscles to be under-developed in comparison to the upper body muscles and those of the limbs. Unfortunately, this has to be the worst possible area on the human body to have a weak link because of the importance of the strength of the lower back as it supports most of the weight of the body.

Our back muscles are what supports and stabilizes us and when we lost this, our posture takes on an aged look. We’ve all seen them…stooped posture, rounded shoulders, sunken chest and protruding belly.

When posture is not properly in balance, your bones are not properly aligned either causing your muscles, joints, and ligaments to take more strain than they are designed for.

What is needed is a strong skeleton…one with strong muscles holding it all together firmly and upright….all the muscles, joints, ligaments and tendons to allow us to move freely are properly in their correct positions.

You could think of your body as a building with your bones being the framing. Just as a building would collapse without proper inner structure holding it up, you too need strong bones in order to avoid collapsing.

A slumping, slouching body eventually becomes one full of pain…one that is no longer capable of all that is has been designed for. Just as the wheels on your car need to be aligned for things to run correctly and work smoothly, so too does your body need to be aligned in order to function at peak efficiency.

Bottom line is this…you need to understand that it is your skeletal framework that holds you up and allows you to move around freely.

Putting your health at risk now through your poor lifestyle choices will make a real mess of your retirement years. Believe me, you’ll enjoy your retirement much more if you are not experiencing your body breaking down.

The great news is even if you have not paid much attention to your body up to this point, with the right programs…you can turn things around. Believe it or not, in as little as 12 weeks, with some concentrated effort, you can easily recover 75% of lost muscles tissue and 40% of lost muscle strength and get your health back on track.

Face it, no matter how well you dress and take care of your outer looks it’s impossible to look youthful and attractive with stooped postures, rounded shoulders, sunken chest and protruding belly.

Overall, strong muscles not only help to keep your muscles and bones aligned and working properly, they also keep your joints in good shape, keep you balanced and less likely to fall and also work to keep your heart muscle strong.

Male aging is just one subject that is covered in my comprehensive program “Strong Men Stay Young”…it also offers a wealth of information of diet, exercise and male hormones.

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