Basic Safety Tips for Training with Kettlebells



Kettlebells are taking the exercise world by storm as they are great for stabilizing your core while giving your heart and body a great workout.

We’re always looking for ways to stay motivated to our exercise program and mixing it up and keeping it challenging is ultimately important.

Kettlebell training gives you flexibility, increased cardiovascular health and you’ll feel stronger too.

Here’s some important safety tips to keep in mind as you begin your Kettlebell training:

Training: training with Kettlebell mindset should always be one of “I am in control”.  What your mind thinks, your body is much more likely to do. Remind yourself again and again that you are in control of the Kettlebell and it’s not in control of you.

Stay focused: A second and almost equally important mental element of Kettlebell training is to always stay focused. Think about what you are doing in the moment…don’t let your mind drift off to work, school or the cute person doing lunges. Placing your focus on your Kettlebell movement while doing them will help to build your strength faster as well.

Make room: Respect your Kettlebells and allow for compete space. If you should drop a Kettlebell let it be the floor and not your foot or one of your friend’s feet! Just not a good idea to train very close to other people when training with Kettlebells.

Warm up: Like any other exercise you must warm up. Even if you’ve progressed to the point of using heavier Kettlebells be sure to always do a few lighter sets first. All of us need to do some light stretching, push-ups and a few minutes of cardio (jumping jacks work) before hitting the Kettlebell to make sure we don’t pull any muscles.

Correct form: Sometimes we find ourselves breaking good form during a repetition of a Kettlebell movement. The smart thing to do is not to attempt to fix the issue in mid swing, press or lift. This could rebound into an even greater issue. Correct your form between reps when the Kettlebell is not in motion.

Respect your Kettlebells: All sizes. Even light movement and warm ups need to be respected. You are still dynamically moving a heavy weight that can hurt you or others or the surrounding architecture.

The future for Kettlebell training is bright so use what we know about it to make your fitness journey more exciting by incorporating and including different methods of training from time to time.

Word is that many scientific and research studies are either being launched or already under way to confirm, prove and objectify the health, fitness and strength benefits of structured Kettlebell training. Those of us who have used them for years know firsthand how well they work.

As Kettlebells have come down in price and are less expensive to purchase, more people are giving the training method a shot. Many mainstream gyms now equip themselves with complete Kettlebell sets.

Like all other forms of exercise and resistance training, training safely is one of the keys to getting fit fast. Remember, time spent away from your Kettlebells nursing wounds or icing shoulders, wrist or knees is a waste of valuable time and time that could have been better spent on burning fat and building lean muscle.

Training safe and not getting hurt is the key.

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