Consistency, Persistence and Commitment are the Key to Healthy Living


one step at a timeThe importance of consistency when adopting any exercise program or new health habits cannot be understated. In fact, it is mandatory for long term success.

Truth is, consistent improved healthy habits such as healthy eating and exercise are not physical issues…they are mental ones.

An important key to long-term training success is to understand the mental risk associated with missing “one workout.”

Seems harmless enough at the moment, but it breaks the habit of training and that one workout that you missed that seemed so innocent at the time then leads to another and another and before you know it, you have become a non-exerciser.

It begins with your mental approach. You cannot approach getting healthy and fit as something you do for a season or a specific event in your life. Getting fit is a life-time commitment that you need to understand and embrace from the get go. It is something you need to be in mentally for the long haul if you hope to physically stay in.

Just like your work days can challenge you with ups and downs so too will your new exercise program and eating habits challenge you. They need a firm commitment to see them through for long term success.

The key is to keep it simple, be realistic and doable with your exercise routines. Plan ahead of time for how you will deal with your flagging motivation when it happens because it will happen. Keep things flexible and be prepared to change course and adjust things when the direction you are going in is not working as planned.

Avoid and quash immediately any thoughts of a pity-party.

Stay away from demanding perfection from yourself and congratulate yourself for small accomplishments. Steer clear of comparing yourself to others by staying focused on why you started exercising and eating good in the first place. Use positive self-affirmations and positive self-talk to achieve small fitness gains and then build on them.

Adopting new healthier eating habits along with challenging exercise is not the hard part. Nearly anyone can begin exercising and eating right. Sticking with it long-term is where the real challenge lies.

Starting off with a roar is not the ideal way to tackle long term success with your new fitness goals. If you cannot maintain what you are doing for the long-term what purpose does it serve? Taking one step at a time…putting one foot after the other is what eventually gets you there.

The true journey to health and fitness is made up of hundreds of small steps…not a burst of energy that provides momentary full on effort and then nothing for weeks on end.

Momentum feeds on itself. Once you create it the worst thing to do is to stop this positive force…that’s when you lose what you gained and may even find yourself back at the beginning. It’s better to keep going even if you slow down a bit to breathe.

Every small step you take brings you one step closer to your goals. Over time the excess weight melts away, your muscles become lean and strong and your energy increases.

Be persistent and consistent. Fitness is ongoing journey that doesn’t happen overnight. After all the present conditions you find yourself in did not happen overnight either how do you expect to fix it overnight?

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Don’t believe for a minute you must live with your present conditions…you don’t. But you do have to take that first step…and that’s what gets the energy moving, what gets the momentum rolling.

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