Creating a Core of Steel


six-pack absYour core consists of a variety of different muscles that perform multiple tasks including holding you upright as well as protecting vital organs. The “core” actually consists of different muscles all of which work to stabilize the spine and pelvis including the entire length of the torso. To build a strong core, you must exercise a variety of muscles ranging from your hips to your waist.

Strong core muscles help control movements, shift body weight, transfer energy and allow us to move in any direction; in short, they are probably the most important “group” of muscles in your body.

Strong abdominal muscles working with strong back muscles are essential for accomplishing everyday tasks like carrying groceries or lifting children. These muscles are also important if you want to avoid back problems and maintain great posture at your desk

Bottom line is this: your core body weight training exercises should not be neglected on your path to the mid-section of your dreams.

The V Up:

Also called the “Atlas Sit Up” be a bit difficult of you are a bit out of shape…if so, start with normal floor crunches and sit ups until a bit more core strength is developed.

  • Lay on your back with your legs fully extended and curl your upper body up while also bringing up your legs. Touch finger tips to toes.

v exercise

The Abdominal Crunch:

Laying on your back, simply curl your head and shoulders up until the shoulders are off the floor a couple of inches. Hold for a second or two while you contract your abdominal muscles. You can increase the intensity by holding a medicine ball or a weight on your upper chest.



The Plank exercise is also referred to as the “hover” and it’s a great place to start in improving your core strength and stability. Lay in push up position and come up on elbows and forearms keeping your body straight tightening your abs as if you were about to be punched in the stomach. Hold for time-twenty seconds in a good start…working up to sets of sixty seconds or more.


Side Plank:

This is a stability exercise that works to train your entire core and perhaps the best overall exercise for building powerful obliques. Lie on your side and come up on your elbow keeping your body tight and in a straight line, tightening your core again as if preparing for a punch to the stomach. Hold for a time.

side plank

Mountain Climbers:

Mountain climber is a plyometric exercise that works to strengthen multiple muscle groups in addition to the cardiovascular system. This is a powerful total body exercise with an emphasis on the core muscles. Go in to the push up position. Press up and stay up. Alternate bringing knees to chest as quickly as possible. Go for a time and expect to break a serious sweat from this true warrior’s exercise.

mountain climber

Add all these exercises to your training and do them correctly and religiously and you’re on your way to achieving that sexy “six-pack”…now wouldn’t that be sweet?

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