Enjoy Permanent Weight-Loss and Dieting Success Using the 80/20 Principle


80-20The 80/20 rule or Pareto’s Principle is named after Italian economist-sociologist and Professor of Economy at Lausanne Switzerland, Vilfredo Pareto (1848-1923) who first discovered and described the 80/20 effect. The Pareto Principle is extremely useful with endless applications in organizing all areas of our business and private lives.

In fact, if you pause and reflect on your life, it’s easy to see this ratio applied all over the place.

Basically this powerful principle/law states that 80 percent of the results you’re experiencing need to come from 20 percent of your efforts you’re putting towards those results.

This maximizes your efforts.

When applied to food and diet, the 80/20 rule/perspective becomes more of a healthy approach rather than a temporary diet. It basically states that you consume healthy foods 80 percent of the time which leaves 20 percent of the time to enjoy some of your favorite indulgences and special treats.

Using this principle to organize and manage your diet makes it easier to stick to healthy eating resulting in weight loss and long term dietary lifestyle changes.

Of course the 20 percent of the time when you allowed your favorite snacks or indulgences is not a ticket to all out unhealthy overeating. You’ll still need to pay attention to portion size and the amount of sugar and fat you’re consuming.

But, it will help keep you from getting hung up on counting calories or cutting out whole food groups and denying yourself certain important foods which is always dangerous to our health. It is a lifestyle change not a limiting and temporary dietary restriction. Following this balanced type ratio leaves the door open to go out socially and enjoy friends and family around a nice meal without feeling guilt about breaking dieting rules.

Without guilt and conditions being placed on your meal choices your relationship with food will change and food will become your friend rather than your enemy.

There are many ways you can implement this rule into your daily diet and one good way is to count the meals you eat a week and figure 20 percent of those you can “cheat” on per week. For example if you are presently consuming 5 small meals per day for 7 days a week, you are consuming 35 meals for the week. 20 percent of those or 7 small meals per week are open and up for grabs.

This powerful ratio/principle can easily be applied to other areas of your life too such as your exercising habits. In this case, you’ll want to experience 80 percent of your results from just 20 percent of your effort. You’ll be choosing and performing exercises that provide the most bang for your buck in regards to increasing size and strength. If you ignore the 20 percent of exercises that provide 80 percent of your gains, you’ll never make any reasonable and meaningful progress.

Although the 80/20 numbers will fluctuate slightly, dropping to the opposite of 20/80 percent is not a healthy ratio in any aspect of your life. If you find yourself operating within one of these downward spirals…these reversed ratios of 20/80 percent you need to begin reversing and shifting those ratios immediately up no matter what area of your life.

One of the keys to success with this law when applying it to your fitness goals is to avoid the 80 percent of activates/exercises in your life that produce little or no positive results. They are a waste of time. You must figure out which 20 percent of your activities are producing 80 percent of your results and focus in those areas.

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