Healthy Mind Means Healthy Body…


chfitness2Past failures with dieting can accumulate and have huge adverse impacts on your self-confidence and your self-beliefs about your ability to succeed with your fat loss efforts.

These negative past experiences can foster damaging beliefs like “I can’t lose weight,” or “I’ll always be fat” or “I am never going to be able to lose weight,” or many other equally harmful thoughts.

These kind of thoughts are real motivation killers and stop us from trying again. After all, no one likes to keep banging their head against a brick wall. Eventually all of these thoughts cause a snowball effect and you lose the ability to muster up the much needed motivation to lose weight. You simply run out of horse-power deep inside…it becomes much easier to just say “what the hell, why even bother.”

It’s at this point that it is important to accept and acknowledge your struggles with food and that your excess weight has likely come from harboring some bad ideas, attitudes and beliefs about food and exercise.

It could be plain old self-delusion or misinformation about nutrition and dieting that you have inherited as “accumulated wisdom” from others through the years. Either way those thoughts and beliefs are killing your efforts.

It’s called “junk thinking” and it will cause you to self-sabotage yourself repeatedly…over and over again no matter how many diets or exercise programs you begin.

When we continually keep failing at something such as losing weight, we tend to beat ourselves up. If we do this enough, our self-image is severely damaged. We feel less good about our capabilities and this in turn damages our self-esteem.

Self-esteem is the deciding factor as to whether you place enough value on yourself to transform your body and therefore your life and take the correct actions that create that transformation.

Healthy self-esteem is an integral, foundational key to long-term, lasting, health, fitness and weight loss success.

Low self-esteem only serves to drag you down and hold you down while slowly equalizing to itself the other parts of your life so that you end up with a plummeting social and career life, and an overweight, unhealthy body. At this level you will never believe that you deserve to have a fit, healthy, lean body.

High self-esteem on the other hand allows you to easily do the following:

Take healthy, consistent steps to improve your eating and exercise habits that in turn help create fantastic health along with the body of your dreams.

Believe that you deserve to have what you want…and then “go get it.”

Seek out a proven road map to follow that will solve your dilemmas once and for all to create a fit, healthy, lean body for yourself – without the ensuing struggle.

When you have had enough failure and you decide to take the “bull by the horns” and to learn how to shift and change the beliefs that are keeping you stuck in a body you don’t like, it will be at that point that you start thinking new thoughts that set you free from the on-going struggle with yourself. But, as we all know…you must follow through with action or you will never experience the change on the physical level.

Truth is, when you step to the plate and take responsibility for the fact that you have created the very same body you dislike so much you will clearly see that you are the only one with the power to change it. No one else is empowered to change another.

Taking responsibility for the body you find yourself in…is the very thing that empowers you to change it. You finally realize that if you had the power to create the one you are in…you also have the power to create a new one.

And, it all begins in your inner thoughts, beliefs and patterns about dieting, fitness and you.

“Strong Men Stay Young” is my comprehensive program created for men that covers everything from diet, to fitness to hormone balance and healthy mindset. Can you really afford to wait another day or is today the day you finally take the bull by the horns and do something about it?

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