Staying Motivated and Tips to Stay on Track with your Workout


staying movtivatedOnce you’ve gotten over the hurdle of starting your strength training program the next big hurdle you face is the motivation to stick with your new workout routine.

Starting your new exercise/strength training routine will be exciting at first just like anything new is and staying motivated for a few days or even a few weeks is not all that hard…however long term motivation that keeps us on tract can be challenging.

Here are a few tips that will help you stay focused and away from those ever present “excuses” that are waiting in the wings for that perfect weak moment.

  1. Setting Goals: Like all dreams and visions we have it’s important to set goals that can be realistically met one at a time. Don’t set yourself up for failure by making these goals that are not achievable. That will only serve to frustrate you and turn your work-out routine into a real chore. Better to have a program with minor achievable goals that will serve to motivate and inspire you.
  2. Allow time: What’s the hurry? Remember you did not create the body you have over-night. It took years of consistent habits and you cannot expect to change your body overnight. Not if you want permanent change. Give yourself 1-2 years to complete your over-all goal.
  3. Make it fun: What use is it to create a work-out routine that you dread doing? The key is to create a routine that you can easily change up for variety. Variety is the spice of life and variety in your work-outs is no different. Once you’ve mastered the basics try variations to change it up.
  4. Keep a Training Journal: Keeping a record of each work-out and the exercises performed and the amount of weight used can offer many benefits. Your journal will build confidence; by keeping a journal, you have definite plans when you go to the gym and you know exactly what you need to do and what works for you. You can enlist the aid of your mind; before you even get to the gym you can think about your progression and what you wish to achieve at your next workout. There is nothing more motivating than to observe where you have been…where you have come from.
  5. Change it up: If you keep doing the same routine over and over not only will you get bored to death and want to escape every workout, your muscles will get used to doing the same thing over and over. They get bored just like you do. When your muscles get bored they don’t want to respond.For variety: not only change up the exercises themselves, change up the number of sets and repetitions of your exercises. You should also increase or decrease your rest time between sets and workouts as well as changing the order of your exercises. Do not substitute “cardio” or other types of exercises such as running, cycling or swimming. These are great cardio types of exercise and definitely contribute to an overall healthy lifestyle but they will not prevent loss of muscle mass as you age. Keep those muscles guessing.
  6. Solicit the help of a professional: If strength training is new to you, you’ll find that your progression will be much quicker with the help of a qualified instructor. You will get the best results in the shortest amount of time. You need adequate resistance for meaningful stimulus and intensity to increase strength. It is equally important that sufficient recovery is allowed to make gains and avoid over training. A fitness trainer will take all the guess work out of your training and allow you to focus your energy on succeeding.Personal trainers even for one or two sessions can teach you a work-out that you can continue on your own.Many gyms offer free training when you sign up. Take advantage of it. If they don’t offer it initially don’t be afraid to ask them to toss it into your membership…at least a few beginning training sessions. Most gyms are happy to help you get started as they know that without a proper beginning; without proper training, you’ll likely be included in their “drop-out” list. Using a personal trainer will fast tract your results and that keeps your ticket to staying motivated.

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