Motivation Makes Everything Easier


newlifemotivationBeginning a new exercise program can be challenging at best…especially the first few weeks. In order to be successful you must turn your new habit of exercising into a permanent part of your life. The best way to do that is to sort your priorities out.

The short-term strategy is to exercise your inner discipline…this gets you started but discipline needs to partner with motivation because its motivation that keeps you going. They are the perfect working relationship.

Motivation is derived from a Latin word…motive…meaning “to move.” It is the catalyst for energy in motion…for action.  It is behind every successful endeavor…and, that includes personal wellness in life. You can create the “perfect” exercise routine but without motivation to get it done, it soon becomes another failed attempt.

Motivation itself is a cognitive process…one that connects your thoughts and feelings with action steps.

It is a healthy mix of discipline and desire…something we draw upon when needed. The more motivation you muster up, the easier it is for you to take action/exercise and work towards your fitness goals or any goal you may be after.

Motivation towards a healthier you can stem from any number of things…

It may be external in nature…you may be afraid of the end result punishment if you don’t exercise (illness and overweight issues) or you may be focused on the rewards you’ll receive in the way of fitting in to those jeans you love but can no longer wear. Or, your motivation may stem from internal reasons such as enjoying the exercise itself or tapping into the value you receive from the exercise in regards to your health and vitality.

Whatever it is that motivates us in the moment changes from day to day so what motivated you yesterday may simply not work today. Today may be the day you have to dig deeper inside yourself to connect with that one thought, feeling, goal, belief or reward that gets you moving again.


For example…if the initial motivation behind your new exercise routine was to become strong and fitter you must tap into that resolve every day for the rest of your life or you’ll soon find that it has faded away into oblivion. It requires your attentive energy to stay active.

Motivation does not magically appear in our lives. You cannot buy it nor does it come packaged in some magic potion, nor will it somehow just appear in your life. Motivation is something we must create and generate for ourselves within ourselves.

You could almost liken motivation to an internal muscle. Just as you exercise and eat smart in order to lose weight, get healthier and protect yourself from illness and disease you must take a similar approach with training your brain to discover and make use of the internal store of motivation and discipline.

Propelling yourself out the door to your workouts in the morning or preparing a healthy meal from scratch can be overwhelming challenging without motivation but once activated, motivation makes everything easier.

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