Train Your Brain for Fitness Success


man-goalsOnce you begin your fitness routine it is important to actually focus your mind on whatever muscle you are shaping and fine-tuning in order to achieve the best results possible.

In other words…your mind cannot be off focused on other things when it should be focusing on the muscle you are working and this goes for any muscle you might be working at the moment…except for one.

There is one muscle that must be healthy before starting your routine. This one muscle is actually the “secret” to developing the strong, fit, healthy, energetic body you are after. Unfortunately many forget about this muscle even though it is the most important muscle in the whole process…that muscle is your mind.  Your mind is where it all begins and if you really want to experience success then you must start at the beginning, your thoughts, beliefs and perceptions.

It really won’t matter one bit how hard you train or how well you eat if your mind is not working with you. You can never achieve your desired results or your fitness potential without this powerhouse on your side. In fact, if your mind is not working with you…it is working against you.

There are two simple tactics that can get your mind in a positive frame and working for you to achieve your health and fitness goals and those two things are the use of affirmations and keeping a fitness journal.

Why do you think that professional athletes engage in positive self-talk before an event and some even use sports hypnosis to implant positive thoughts in their minds? They are creating a deep connection between their mind and their body and conditioning their mind for success.

On the level of your personal fitness, consistent positive thinking using affirmations to block out negative thoughts is the simplest way to take advantage of this same process. Thinking and focusing on negative thoughts only draws negative results. Positive thinking is the energy you need to accomplish and even surpass your physical goals.

Affirmations such as “Every day I am getting faster, healthier, stronger and fitter” set the foundations for your success. Begin every day by taking advantage of this empowering practice. First thing in the morning, look at yourself in the mirror and repeat your favorite affirmation…and it doesn’t hurt to give yourself a hug and lots of love while you’re there either!

The second simple tactic to achieving your desired results in a timely manner is keeping a personal work-out journal.

Truth is, setting firm goals and writing them down is the best way to program your subconscious mind to join in your efforts to get fit and reach your goals. Write them down in an inexpensive notebook weekly, monthly and quarterly. It will be your own personal accounting. As long as your goals are kept realistic and achievable, you’ll find keeping that personal fitness journal will allow you to reach them much quicker

And, don’t fool yourself into believing that it will be a smooth ride the whole way. There will be moments of challenge…when you just want to take it easy…when you don’t feel like working out. This is when a strong, positive mindset will give you the boost you need to keep you on tract and working towards your fitness goals.

These are the two primary tactics that will help you reach your health and fitness goals but there is one other piece to the equation that can take your journey from one of boredom and defeat to serious success and that one thing is passion. Whatever you choose to do when working out…be passionate about it.

Without passion everything becomes a struggle…with passion that same energy turns to joy.

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