Turn Back The Aging Clock


male mojoContrary to popular belief…especially in past generations, you can turn back the clock and create a strong, mobile, vital body.

The fact is many of the symptoms of old age are really the symptoms of inactivity-of using our muscles less! Muscle weakness, bone loss, and sluggish metabolism are changes that accompany aging but are not solely caused by it. And, lest you believe that loss of muscle occurs only in older adults, think again. Even young adults lose muscle if it is not purposefully maintained.

Bottom line is this: if you aren’t building muscle on a steady basis then you are losing muscle, and your age doesn’t matter…this rule applies to all of us and there is only one way to stop that progression, the wasting away of your muscles and that way is strength training.

We must understand that the body is a demand-driven, adaptable, living system and as a living system, it requires movement and muscular activity to maintain its functions. It’s very obvious what happens to those who are bed-ridden in a hospital for any amount of time, they lose muscle mass, flexibility, strength, bong density and range of motion drop. In other words…they stiffen up.

And, that’s just the visible damage…there are unseen effects going on inside with vital organs that are being damaged. Their functions are damaged and they can no longer function at their peak capability. Lack of movement is simply devastating to the human body.

The fix to these so called “aging” issues is simple. Start moving. As you start moving, your ability to move will improve. Running, walking, dancing, stretching, lifting weights, they all work to reverse aging.  Any games that require physical motion can contribute to reversing aging.

The benefits you will notice after getting active go beyond just improved mobility and range of motion, your blood sugar levels will improve, blood pressure will come down and your heart gets stronger.

Your vascular system starts building collateral arteries around blocked vessels, improving blood flow to your heart and other organs. The immune system gets stronger and you rarely get sick and when you do, you recover much quicker.

These effects not only work on your body…your physique but they work on your mind. Not only will you feel younger, but you’ll be physiologically younger on the inside too.

Exercise can slow and reverse many components of the aging process. Proper exercise rejuvenates you and takes years off your chronological age and the only true “anti-aging pill” we have access to.

Exercise is the single most effective way to lengthen life. Strength is not a luxury as we age, it is a necessity. If you wish to experience a vital, healthy body that is disease resistant, increasing your strength is the PROVEN method of reversing the aging process around. What are you waiting for?

For a complete program that will help you to reclaim your former self, Strong Men Stay Young offers everything you need to stay on track and get your male mojo back.

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