What Will Happen To Me If I Don’t Exercise?


senior and caneProper exercise to the human body is absolutely critical. Most people do not really realize its importance as the time aspect between inactivity and functional decline is so long that the connection is often not linked.

If we do nothing to prevent it we lose precious muscle tissue at the rate of around 5 pounds every decade of our adult life.

This rate doubles after the age of fifty and as the result we become weaker and lose our flexibility. Our strength is of vital importance as we get older and many people think they can just stop using their muscles and all will be well.

Hand in hand with loss of muscle are several other problems. One is the decrease in the metabolism (the body’s engine) which results in increased body fat. This is a primary risk factor in disease particularly the “big three” heart disease, cancer and diabetes along with many others. The effects on one’s bones though are not so obvious from not doing enough muscle building and maintaining activity.

Your muscles are attached to bones and if you do not use your muscles your bones do not get the muscles pulling on them keeping them strong.  The solution – proper exercise. This means slow direct controlled loading of the muscles with adequate (sufficient) resistance is the only safe and productive means of addressing both loss of muscle and bone mass.

Many of the activities that have been recommended as appropriate exercise by so-called “experts” will do little to nothing to help anyone restore and rebuild lost muscle and bone mass. Repetitive type recreational activities such as walking, jogging, cycling or swimming will not build strong muscles and some of these activities will cause degenerative joint and spinal conditions that may not show for years.

This can mean a person will be forced to become less physically active much earlier in their life that they otherwise would. These conditions can even reduce a person’s ability to perform proper strength training exercise further accelerating their loss of muscular strength and functional ability at a time when they need it most.

As 8 out of 10 adults do not perform proper exercise they rationalize it by making excuses about being “too busy”and not having enough time or being unable to afford a gym membership. But is it  easier to budget for some workout clothing and a gym membership or a wheelchair and a nurse?

The amount of exercise time necessary to significantly improve ones health and physical condition is far less each week than what most people have been led to believe. Just 2-3 sessions of around 40 minutes each week is all that is needed if done correctly. For something so important there are few people, if any, who can not schedule the small outlay of time each week

It is each of our responsibility to make sure we can take care of ourselves for as much of our life span as possible. We should not need to go into a nursing home and have to have someone else dress, feed and bathe us because we no longer possess the necessary strength and functional ability to take care of ourselves.

Other people like family, friends and our communities should not have to pick up the tab for this so make it your mission to keep yourself strong and fit so it never happens to you. Make proper exercise one of your highest priorities.

Its my mission to get as many people as possible informed about why they need to hit the gym a couple of times each week. My program which you can see back on the home page of this website is your ticket to staying strong right through your adult life. After all,  Strong Men (and women) Stay Young.

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