You Can Have A Healthy, Youthful Sculpted Body


man mirrorAre you still unhappy when you look in the mirror at the reflection of your body? If so, it’s time to get a grip and realize that nothing is stopping you from have your dream “body vision” except you.

You are the one that needs to get going…All you have to do is re-sculpt your body to totally erase the signs of sagging and aging muscles.

What does it mean to have the body “re-sculpted”?

It means you must use strength or resistance training to tone and lift specific muscle groups. Basically you concentrate on lifting the muscles under sagging body parts.

Gravity does not have to have its way with you…you can lift sagging body parts like your butt, backs of arms, breast/chest area simply by toning and lifting the muscles beneath those parts.

Strengthening exercises like squats and dead-lifts help restore and rebuild the muscles in your thighs and butt. On the other hand, doing exercises like bench presses and other pressing type exercises help build the pectoral muscles on the chest.

When you tone your muscle tissue you are actually able to sculpt and shape your body. This enables you to create/sculpt the areas that turn women’s heads. On the other hand, weak, flabby, sagging muscles from not doing enough muscle building add years to the way you look and feel and I can assure you will not turn heads.

Although you may have areas on your body that require extra attention…you must remember that you need to work all the muscles in your body at least twice per week. Balance and symmetry are the elements you should be focusing on.

Balance is important…you want to create a balanced muscular system where the muscles on the back of the body match those on the front. It is very important to keep this in mind so that you incorporate all the muscles into your workout routines.

Fat on the other hand is a bit of a different animal. Although you can selectively sculpt and build muscle in certain areas of your body, you cannot selectively shed excess fat. Much has to do with your personal genetics; they determine where the fat is going to come off as you lose weight.

You can however support the process by pairing up a regular strength training program with a “clean” eating plan that is void of processed food that includes as much natural nutrient dense food as possible.

As your body begins to shed excess fat, your newly toned, firmed and lifted muscles are your reward. Your once jiggling, flabby, shapeless body is healthy, shapely and a great feel-good body to live in.

Bottom line is this; if you pick the right strength training exercises, and do them with a effort and focus along with healthy, nutrient dense eating you too can have a young, firm “eye-appealing” body.

It’s time to challenge yourself…see your hidden potential materialize right before your eyes as your dedication and hard work pay off and you find yourself looking in the mirror  at your newly sculpted body with a huge smile on your face every time you pass by one.

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