Your Body is Your Gym


Bodyweight-Exercises2Before the word “gym”, offering a variety of resistance machines and free weights became a household term, anyone wanting to improve their strength and fitness had to do it by using the only weights they had…their own bodyweight.

Bodyweight training has a rich and storied history, especially in military settings and has been a consistent component of the methods of nearly every military organization from antiquity to the present.

Used nearly exclusively by the world’s toughest guys…the military elite, Special Forces, wrestlers, boxers, and mixed martial artists. They all engage in bodyweight training.

Why? Because bodyweight training makes you strong, fit, healthy as well as tough.

Benefits of Bodyweight Training: pushup-plus_470x360_1

Workout from Home: The first and most obvious benefit is the inexpensive nature and super convenience of not needing any equipment but your own body allows these exercises to be performed anywhere you have space…right from the comfort of your own home using with no expensive equipment to buy.

Variety:  Bodyweight exercises incorporate both strength training exercises as well as cardiovascular exercises. These range from walking, jogging, jumping jacks and jumping rope. You can also perform yoga and meditation exercises as well as strength training exercises using your weight like push-ups, crunches, and many upper and lower body exercises.

Perfect for Beginners: These exercises are a perfect way for a beginner to start exercising. It provides just enough resistance to start to strengthen and tone the muscles without over extending yourself. You can start out at your own personal pace and work up to adding additional resistance as you get stronger.

Super Health Benefits: Although bodyweight exercises do not provide you with the maximum resistance, you are still providing your body with the needed oxygen and resistance to help prevent and minimize many health risks.

Anyone Can Join the Fun: Bodyweight exercises can be done by nearly everyone. Research indicates that it benefits everyone from stroke patients to recover from cancer treatment. If major stroke patients that had difficulty walking can benefit then nearly anyone can.

Depending on your goal, you can easily adjust bodyweight workouts accordingly. For example, increasing the number of repetition that you do tends to add to total strength and endurance.

On the other hand, if your goal is improving strength you would look towards performing the exercises in a slightly different manner or by working out at the extreme ranges of motion.

This means you work out with your legs or arms either fully extended or mostly drawn into you so that you are forced to exercise different types of muscles than you would normally.

Bodyweight training should be looked at as your “base” plan simply because there is not just “one-size-fits” way to exercise. What works for one may not work for another.

One thing it shares with all other exercise workouts (in order to succeed) is your commitment to exercise regularly and make it a routine part of your life.

Bodyweight training continues to be used in the athletic world and is a key component of many of the best fat loss and muscle gain workouts available.

A couple of solid strength training workouts a week is the best foundation of a personal fitness regime. You can then add to that other exercise methods and workouts that you enjoy or even recreational activities and sports to add variety.

I’ve included a complete bodyweight training book in my comprehensive “Strong Men Stay Young” program designed exclusively for young men to educate them on the importance of diet and exercise to retain their male verve…important information for both seniors and the young at heart.

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