Your Body Knows Best


preventionThere are many modern lifestyle diseases that are crippling and shortening lifespans but the “big three” are heart disease, cancer and diabetes.

If one of these diseases get holds of your body…there is no permanent cure…not by a doctor, drugs or any current medical procedure. At this point, they can only be managed which severely impacts lifestyles to the point of leading “half a life…most of it a struggle.”

Rather than be so dependent on doctors for cures to these lifestyle diseases, wouldn’t it be smarter to find ways to stay healthy and prevent them from happening in the first place rather than sitting and waiting for one of these monster diseases to hit?

The first step to warding off any dreadful diagnosis is to “prevent” it from happening in the first place. Prevention will always be easier and more pleasant than trying to cure a disease that is ravaging your body once it gets hold.

Health should never be taken for granted, unfortunately many people do not pay attention to the signals their bodies are giving them…they simply ignore them until their health is taken away. That gets their attention.

Challenging exercise and healthy eating along with sporting a positive mind is the real secret to warding of disease. In order to be effective, these healthy mind and body habits must be put into play before the fact (disease)…not after the fact.

Disease is a result of ignoring body signals, not exercising, eating unhealthy damaging foods and entertaining unhealthy damaging negative thoughts consistently.

We must begin to “tune in” with our inner and outer senses…and listen to what our bodies are telling us and showing us.

Do not ignore what may seem like minor changes in body structure…they are your signals…your signs that you need to step to the plate and give your body what it needs now. Negative changes to your body do not go away on their own. You must consciously take notice and act now if you want to avoid any further serious complications like one of the “three big diseases” from setting in.

It is known fact that one of the best predictors of cancer is excess weight. In other words…carrying around excess fat for years, ups your chances considerably of contracting some form of cancer later in life.

For example, if your waistline is increasing it is sign of something going on inside of you at a deep cellular level. It is a clear sign that the chemistry of your body is becoming unbalanced. In fact, your waistline increasing may actually have more to do with a decline in your fat burning ability that is controlled by your metabolism than it does with eating too much food. Metabolism in turn is controlled by the amount of muscle mass you have on your body and muscle mass is determined by the amount of vigorous, challenging exercise/strength training activity you get.

Vigorous activity/exercise stimulates your body to release important hormones. It is these chemical messengers that tell your body to renew, repair, rebuild and replace itself.

Only an increase in muscular health can change your body from one that stores fat that threatens health and life to a fat burning one.

Don’t wait another day for symptoms and signs to appear. Get in touch with yourself and learn to listen and pay attention to what your body says.

Your body really does know best but are you listening?

Bottom line is this: challenging physical activity helps reduce the risk for many illnesses that are the cause of much distress and disability as men age. 

It’s never too late to reverse the clock and “Strong Men Stay Young” can help you do just that.

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