Being A Man Is Bad For Your Health


Are you in the firing line for these husband killers?

It’s a fact, simply being a man is bad for your health. Research shows men up to the age of 50 were on average twice as likely as women to keel over with big killer diseases like heart disease and cancer. Health care experts say the numbers are growing and if serious action is not taken this massive health problem will reach epidemic proportions if it has not already.

Middle aged male health deterioration has become quite commonplace and no one really seems to care, not even men. Their health has become less of a priority to themselves over the years. In the early 1900’s women had a one year longer life expectancy than men. Now, the average man dies 7 years before the average woman.

One of the favorite targets in the pathway to middle aged male destruction is men aged between the ages of 45 and 64. It is frightening to think that about 80 percent of men between these ages are overweight and have a number of problems with cholesterol, inactivity, and denial.

One of the reasons that being male is regarded a health risk is that studies show that men don’t consider their health a priority in their lives. It may be that most men’s pretty much non-existent exercise habits and poor food selection may be related to men feeling that all that stuff is a feminine issue and that adopting healthier habits is not masculine.

This along with their “she’ll be right” attitude may lead to serious consequences for their health down the road. But this is the way it is with men: they take care of their car more than of their own health. You would think they should be starting to figure out that this method just doesn’t work in the long run.

In many respects, the period between the ages of 45 to 64, is like a “danger zone” with the numbers of men dying from heart disease and stroke is double that for women. The risk of high blood pressure nearly doubles, and the risk of falling into a sedentary lifestyle increases by 40 to 50%.

Obesity levels skyrocket in this age group with close to 75% being overweight. The adult male gaining about 10 pounds of body fat per decade by the slowdown in metabolism (the rate the body burns fuel) after the age of 30. That is an extra 30 pounds by age 60.

Keep in mind you will not notice all of this fat on the bathroom scales. It will be hidden by withering unused muscle mass which is departing at the rate of one half pound per year. Fat sneaks into the space left and is mostly hidden. It also migrates inside the abdomen wrapping itself around organs hindering their function. So even if you weigh the same on the scales as you did decades earlier in life don’t be fooled into thinking you are healthy and don’t have to worry.

The incidence of type two diabetes also shoots up dramatically after the age of 40, when as many as 80% of people who are obese and over 40 get this dreaded condition.

And what is scary is that if you can not see your way clear to get out of the “danger zone,” there is a good chance your next stop will be the “disability zone.” Men need to understand that there is a lot they must do to help themselves, with lifestyle changes they can improve their health, feel better and dramatically reduce the risk of death in their 50’s or early 60’s.

Listen up husbands, partners, sons, fathers and brothers you need to get started on a proper exercise program that includes strength training exercise and work out 2 -3 times per week for the rest of your life. This will improve cardiovascular (heart/lung) fitness, maintain or reduce body weight, reduce the risk of cancer and help reduce plaque thickening in your arteries.

By now everyone knows exercise and eating right is good for them, but many don’t realize its a matter of life and death, do it or die. This message is from the women that love you and want you to be around to enjoy life with them for as long as possible.We will look for ways to help and support you to live longer and healthier lives.


There is no quick fix, but there is a slow fix: adjust your diet to take in fewer calories and ramp up your exercise to burn off more calories. It’s the manly thing to do, and the time to start is now.

Just go to the home page of this website and check out my Strong Men Stay Young program where I can share with you my 30 something years of experience to help make you the healthiest man you can be.

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