Four Facts Men Must Accept to Restore Health and Youthfulness


man sail boatAre you noticing that your not-so-healthy lifestyle is catching up to you as you age?

If you’re like millions of other men worldwide, you’re suffering from the effects of our modern environment, and your body is experiencing problems such as:

•    Muscle, bone and joint pain
•    Fatigue and depression
•    Physical weakness
•    Being over fat and under muscled
•    Swollen prostate
•    Dwindling mental capacity
•    Low sex drive

Want to win back your health and youthfulness? Good! Knowing about the problem and desiring to fix it is an important first step in your journey back to health. Now take the next step and read these four important facts about men’s health. Living by them just might add years to your lifespan.

1. The Pursuit of Health is a Lifelong Journey
To get your health back on track, it’s important to understand that wellness is not a static state of being, but an ongoing journey of discovery about yourself. What you want to achieve is a high level of personal vitality while continually improving on your health and constantly learning to properly deal with aging. To turn things around you’re going to have to be actively involved with your health and wellness for the long run. There are no short-term solutions.

2. The Need for Exercise Increases As You Age
It has been proven that without proper exercise, the essential elements of your functional fitness decline. As you get older, you may be tempted to accept this loss of physical function as an inevitable result of the “aging process.” But don’t be so quick to embrace a loss of energy and decreasing physical well being as you age! The negative effects you’re accepting are actually the result of a sedentary lifestyle. Just because you’re in your 50’s, 60’s or 70’s doesn’t mean you should be facing limits on your mobility, independence, self-reliance, quality of life and dignity. Don’t give up on your health, no matter how old you are. Exercise!

3. Wellness Care is Not Sickness Care
While it’s desirable to eliminate negative symptoms when they appear, it’s far more important to treat the cause of your symptoms. Unfortunately however, the “sickness industry” – the conventional surgery and pharmaceutical business – treats diseases and sicknesses after they appear. The difference between sickness care and wellness care is simple. Sickness care re-actively treats the symptoms of disease after they occur, while wellness care proactively prevents disease and slows the aging process. If you want to regain your health and youthfulness, focus on increasing your wellness, not merely decreasing your sickness.

4. Good Health Requires a Good Mindset
Decades of sickness treatment rather than increasing our wellness have led to an urgent need to change from a “curative” mindset to a proactive “wellness” mindset. Sickness is something that just “happens” to you. But wellness is something you must proactively seek out and practice in your everyday lifestyle. So make a decision to adopt a wellness mindset right now. A healthier lifestyle will follow.

Ready to let go of the limitations that hold you back from being the man you want to be? Then change your mindset and prepare for a long term journey. Be willing, from now on, to do the work and exercise that needs to be done. And start right now! The sooner you begin, the healthier and happier you and your loved ones will be in the long run.

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