Guys Don’t Allow Your Testosterone To Disappear


testosterone levelsAs men leave their 30s behind, they often find physical, mental and emotional changes happening to them that they are not very happy about.

They discover they have got less firm muscle and more flabby fat than they did in their twenties. They may have developed a slight paunch and find it hard to climb a flight of stairs without puffing.

They may even feel a bit ‘down in the dumps’ like their best years are behind them and it is all downhill from now on. Men don’t always complain about these things as society teaches men they always have to be strong and tough and to admit suffering in any way would be showing weakness.

But suffering from depression can be very real and is often caused by low testosterone levels. For men, testosterone levels play a key role in almost everything, emotional well-being, self-confidence and a healthy level affects how fat, fit or strong you are.

Not only does it affect the way a man looks but a low testosterone level also affects the way a man feels. It is a well known fact that the older some men get the grumpier and more irritable they can get. Declining testosterone levels can explain this along with unexplained fatigue and loss of vitality and the ‘zest for life’.

There are reasons other than age that can hinder the loss of this very important male hormone.

What a man eats on a regular basis can influence and determine his testosterone level as well.

Not eating enough protein or simply not eating enough will decrease levels while overindulging in unhealthy foods will also inhibit production.

Fatigue from poor nutrition and lack of exercise is also well documented and a lack of physical activity can also reduce testosterone levels. Especially not doing enough muscle building and maintaining activity. Proper strength training exercise effects testosterone directly by stimulating the pituitary gland and it also raises levels by slowing down the normal breakdown of testosterone.

Strength training exercise is vital to work the muscles through their ranges of movement under a load increasing blood flow. This increased blood flow helps stimulate the whole body, including the testosterone producing glands and those who workout regularly will have a higher level of testosterone in their body.

The negative effects of a bad diet and no exercise should be obvious and contribute to a reduction of this hormone in a man’s system. He will likely feel tired, depressed, and flat, will lack motivation to be active and likely have low self esteem. This powerful hormone is what fuels men and gives them energy and motivation to take on the day.

If you are a man and feel your levels of testosterone are waning don’t delay, get yourself started on a proper exercise program and not only will you feel rejuvenated you will stop the loss of muscle and bone, recover your muscle strength and burn off the body fat. And the bonus is you will feel a million bucks again.

If loss of testosterone is a concern of yours then I can help with my “Strong Men Stay Young” program…created to help those who presently suffer from loss of this hormone and it also teaches how to avoid the loss of testosterone.

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