Man Boobs – What Is Going Wrong With Our Men’s Bodies?


moobsChest fat in men, otherwise known as ‘man boobs’ is a growing problem that will affect one in three men in their lifetime. It is caused primarily by an imbalance between two hormones – testosterone and estrogen. Although we tend to associate testosterone with men and estrogen with women both of these hormones are present in both sexes.

If the delicate balance of these hormones is tipped in a man such as with a decrease in testosterone and an increase in estrogen his body seeks to store more excess fat and will deposit it in places where a woman’s body would naturally store fat. Thanks to the imbalanced hormonal shift toward a higher estrogen level he can end up with increased chest fat that takes on the same shape as a woman’s breasts.

It is really a vicious cycle – because if a man neglects his body and it becomes soft and flabby he will put on excess body fat. The more his body composition (muscle/fat ratio) changes and the more body fat he accumulates the lower his testosterone levels will be.

So, a man’s physical activity level plays a major role in hormonal balance especially testosterone production. If a man stays in good physical shape, there is no excess fat to be stored on the chest so having to lose it is not an issue.

Fortunately chest fat responds very well to proper exercise. Strength training exercise that works the muscles directly with adequate resistance is the ticket. This type of exercise is intense and triggers the release of hormones – one of them being testosterone. The more toned muscle you can develop through proper exercise the faster you will lose chest fat.


Your exercise program will need to be supported with good nutrition. This means ditching the processed foods which all contribute to the hormonal imbalance that got you man boobs in the first place with the array of chemicals and additives that are present in these non-foods.

To burn off fat and tone muscle you need ‘real’ food. This means natural whole foods that you cook from scratch. Sure it will take some effort to clean up your diet and get your exercise program done 2-3 times each week. But surely that price is a small one for getting rid of feminine breast fat and reclaiming your life.

Something to keep in mind is that you cannot spot reduce. That means exercise will not remove the chest fat only.  You will have to get your whole body into better shape and restore a healthy body composition along with a metabolism boost.  To burn off any body fat you need to give your metabolic engine a tune-up so it is burning off that chest fat with a raised metabolic rate every minute of the day and night.

For the majority of you out there, carrying excess body fat is most likely the cause of your man boobs. To be classed as healthy, your body fat should be less than 22%, and anything above this will begin to contribute to man boobs.

If you have changed your diet and started an exercise program that has delivered real results, then keep it going. They key is to accept that this is a lifestyle change rather than a short-term fix, especially if you don’t want to wake up with another pair of moobs six months from now.

To say goodbye to your moobs forever, proper exercise (strengthening) and, just as importantly, a healthy, balanced diet needs to become something you adhere to every day, not just when you feel guilty or down about your body.

Once your exercise and diet regime has taken effect, it’s important that you don’t slip back into your old lifestyle, which will only undo all your hard work.

Remember if you need a solid plan to follow I have put the time into one for you. Just go back to the home page on this website to see Strong Men Stay Young. You do not have to go through life with female like breasts. Restore your manly hormone levels with proper exercise along with healthy eating and you will soon have a chest you will be proud to show off on any beach.

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