Pleasure and Pain…Our Biggest Motivators


strong_men_motivatorsPleasure and Pain…our two biggest motivating factors in life. They are silently behind all our Actions directing us from a pain point of view or a pleasurable one.

Of the two “driving force emotions”, pain is the strongest short term motivator. Since our brains are hard-wired to move us away from pain this is an important factor that can easily derail us on our weight loss journey.

Most people are simply defeated before they start with their weight loss program because they associate (consciously or not) losing weight with pain. Another defeating feeling is that you must settle for less food than desired or you have to settle for food that is bland in taste.

These thoughts cause an internal struggle between opposing thoughts in your mind trying to carry out actions that would lead to weight loss or ones that would not. It is self-sabotage from within that most are not even aware is happening.

The key to lasting motivation and to making those emotional force drivers of “pain and pleasure” work for you rather than against you is to reverse the pain and pleasure associations that are currently in your mind.

You must change the thought patterns controlling your brain and associate the pain with failing to exercise regularly and not eating nutritious foods. Likewise, you must associate significant pleasure with eating healthy whole foods (non-processed) and engage regularly in a proper strength training program.

Benefiting from this new configuration is easier than you think. Your end result will be improved health and as your mind gains evidence of these benefits and the confidence that results from this new course of action will lessen any resistance it had to your new way of thinking.

As a result of your weight loss, you gain more and more motivation to keeping it off. You WANT to eat healthy food and work out because of the results you are feeling and seeing…this all leads to more weight loss. Most importantly, you will be able to KEEP THE WEIGHT OFF!

The process of reversing pain and pleasure is simple. Ask yourself two questions:

  1. What will it cost me if I do not take the actions required to help me get healthier, get in better shape or lose weight right now?
  2. What massive and immediate pleasure will I gain by taking actions that help me get healthier, get in better shape or lose weight right now?

Asking these questions will do two things, it suggests to your mind that it should be associating pain with the act of procrastination and with not taking the immediate action steps that you know will help you to lose weight (eating the wrong foods or too much of them or skipping work-outs) and more importantly, it helps to associate pleasure with taking action right away to lose weight (you picture how good you feel and look when you are free of all that fat).

You need to ask yourself two questions…and answer them honestly.

If you don’t take action to lose weight now what will it cost you in terms of self-esteem and self-confidence? How will you feel about yourself and the way you look now and in the long term?

What is will cost in terms of health…both now and long term?

What it will cost you in relationships and opportunities (career or otherwise) both now and in the long term?

What else will cost you by failing to take action now to lose that excess weight?

If you do take action; how will it make you look and feel both now and in the long term?

How will it increase your self-esteem and self-confidence and benefit your health and energy levels?

How else could taking action to lose weight result in massive pleasure and positive benefits in your life…both now and in the long term?

Visualize your answers and think of things that create strong emotions of pain and pleasure for you.

By doing this exercise you will be able to completely rewire your mind and give it that software upgrade that makes pain and pleasure motivation driver’s work for you and not against you.

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