Retaining Your Vigor: Have You Assessed Your Health Account Recently?


When you stand in front of the mirror, do you like what you see? How does your body compare with what you looked like a few years ago or when you were in your mid 20’s? How do you feel? If you’re are not at the very top of your game, physically and mentally, you are not alone. Although our modern day life is easier than it was generations past, many men are more stressed and unhealthy, fatter and sicker than at any other time in history.

But there’s good news: It isn’t too late to ward off these negative effects of aging! To begin reversing the process, start thinking of your health like you think of your bank account.

Why think of your health in terms of an account? Because it will encourage you to make frequent deposits (such as exercising or choosing to eat a banana) rather than constant withdrawals (like opting for that candy bar.) Each time you make a lifestyle choice, ask yourself whether you’re depositing health that will help you extend your youthfulness, or if you’re dwindling your health account into a life-threatening recession.

What’s the State of Your Health Account?
When assessing your bank account, a little bit of math is sufficient to determine its condition. But how do you determine the condition of your health account? These three categories will help give you an idea:

“Super Health”
If your health account falls under this category, congratulations! You’re “in the black.” Super Health means you’re physically fit and have a toned body. Your great health gives you boundless energy; you feel very good and rarely get ill. Mentally, you enjoy a sharp mind, positive outlook, and an overall joy of living. You’re one of those people that others envy because of your motivation and contentment.

“Vertically Ill”
You know you’re Vertically Ill when you’re still getting around, but often aren’t feeling so great. You’re tired, flabby, and unfit – which causes you to become exhausted even after a small amount of exercise. You often feel dissatisfied, and you have trouble concentrating. On top of all this, you have frequent aches and pains. If this describes you, your health account is slipping into the red and needs you to start making healthy deposits.

“Horizontally Ill”
If you fall under the Horizontally Ill category, your account is completely in the red. Think of this state as being bodily bankrupt. You’re over-fat and under-muscled. You always feel physically bad and are tired, depressed, and pessimistic. Your constant fatigue and illnesses stop you from any type of exercise, and you have no motivation. For you, life is just hard work. Your body is in dire need. Make healthy deposits now!

Get Back Into the Black
If your health account has fallen into either of the last two categories, the last thing you should do is give up! Instead of despairing, the time has come to dream of a better future. Just as small amounts of money add up, so will today’s good lifestyle decisions. So start doing the things today that your future self will thank you for! You’ve got nothing to lose but your weight, aches and fatigue.

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