Three Myths Men Must Reject to Live a Longer, Healthier Life


mythbustersIt’s natural for men to enjoy health, strength and vigor in their your younger years. But as you get older and older, you should expect to experience discomfort, a lower sex drive, erectile disfunction, fatigue, and a loss of functionality, right? Wrong!

Many men are very surprised to learn that some of their most basic assumptions about health and wellness are actually misconceptions. Chances are, you are needlessly accepting some very unfortunate problems with your own health, chalking them up to genes or old age.

What would you do differently if you knew that genes or age didn’t have to stop you from a long, vigorous life?

If you want to live longer and happier, it’s important to do away with any myths that may be occupying your beliefs.

Here are three common lies men believe about their health.

Myth 1: Your Body Is Just “Supposed” to Stop Working When You Get Old
Actually, your body was designed to last at least one hundred years. You’re supposed to feel well, look well, and move well at that century mark! Although few men’s bodies last as long as this, you may have met (or read about) people who are running marathons, climbing mountains and still living productive work lives at over 100 years of age. Examples like these are evidence that we are indeed meant to enjoy this kind of longevity, and proof that enjoying your older years is possible.

Myth 2: Genes Determine Your Health and Longevity
Although you may have been led to believe that genetics or luck determine how long you’ll live, genetics only play a 6% to 10% role in your lifespan. Your longevity is mostly determined by the choices you make every day – especially your physical activity and dietary decisions. The downward spiral of degeneration you see all around you is not an automatic or an inevitable part of the aging process!

Myth 3: Our Bodies Have Adapted to Our Modern Lifestyles
The truth is that although our modern world enables us to go all day long with no physical exertion, our bodies still have the same genetic blueprint as our nomadic ancestors did tens of thousands of years ago. Their only method of renewing themselves was through challenging physical activity, and this is a must for you too. When your muscles contract forcefully, they trigger powerful hormones that tell your brain that your body needs to stay healthy to hunt and provide food to feed a family. But if your brain is told the opposite – that there’s no muscular activity so no strength is needed – the most basic law of nature kicks in: “use it or lose it!” This then puts your body into shut-down mode so it can be cleared away to make room for younger, stronger beings to get their share of resources.

Now that you know the truth about these myths, what are you going to do with this new knowledge? Are you going to eat well and exercise to renew your vigor and energy for a longer, healthier life? Or are you going to accept the immobility and shortened life span that comes from sedentary living?

Either way, the choice is yours. So choose well!

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