Visualization Techniques to Help You Lose Weight and Keep it Off


visualizeSelf-visualization is such a powerful positive technique; top athletes or anyone wanting to improve certain areas of their lives use it to help them get what they want. We all visualize, we are just not aware of it yet. Anything that has come into your life has first been conceived in your mind.

This helps to build confidence and also keeps your mind focused on what you want.

Here’s a technique/visualization tool that will help you as it as it has worked incredibly well over the years for me. As a child I was an animal love so using the horse as a visualization tool came natural to me.

Imagine in your mind a horse and cart. For a moment imagine that this is an abstraction of all that is YOU. Your physical body is the car (piled up with your excess body fat and other possible baggage). The horse is your mind. We want the horse to get the cart moving and keep it moving towards the place we want to end up…lean, healthy and happy.

In order to do this we must look after the horse first and foremost; it must be out number one priority.

We must feed it the proper food every day and make sure that it receives clean water at all times.  We must keep the muscles strong enough by giving it plenty of physical movement so that it can pull the cart day after day. It will also need adequate sleep in order to renew itself and make sure it’s not too stressed and overburdened with demands.

As long as we are looking after our horse properly we can be sure it will be the strongest most capable horse it can be and will pull that cart with strength and speed. However if we neglect our horse it becomes weak, sickly and flabby and won’t feel up to moving at all…much less pulling a cart.

Do the best to visualize a picture of your horse. You will be amazed at the results you will get once you recognize and begin to take better care of your horse.

Picture it standing there, sleek and strong with its head held high. Hold tight to that picture as you will need to instantly recall that picture from now on…every day as many times as is needed as you eat and move in new and better ways; as your lifestyle shifts.

This is the very core of your mind, your inside, your inner programming. This is the way to get permanent results with your weight loss efforts.

The dieting component is the physical action and the physical action is responsible for about ten percent of the changes you bring about in your body when you attempt to lose weight and achieve the body of your dreams.

Ninety percent of the work must be done on the inside…making your horse stronger and fitter from the inside out.

Using the horse was of course my comfort zone but you can use the visualization technique in many ways. Visualization is the process of deliberately using your imagination to create mental images/models in your mind.

If you’d like to learn more about using the “horse” visualization tool to help you get fit and stay fit, you can find the complete program in “Strong Men Stay Young”.

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