Women Love a Man’s Sculpted Body


3677102_xxl copyBody image; it is something we all deal with every day when we look in the mirror. Our body image is part of our total self-image. It is our opinions, feelings and thoughts about our personal physical appearance.

Strong and sexy are two adjectives that describe what women look for in a man. It’s perfectly natural that women want men that look stronger than they are; someone that could easily carry them up a flight of stairs without the blink of an eye. So, it’s not at all surprising that women love men with strong sculpted muscles/bodies.

Numerous studies have shown that the more fit men are the more they are attractive to women in general. Some things never change. That chiseled six-pack is always a turn on. But, it’s not the only muscle that women notice.

If you’re a guy looking for ways to improve your sex appeal, here’s a short list of muscles that women love to notice:

•    6-pack abs…that’s a given. There isn’t a six-pack that does not get noticed. You can have biceps the size of bowling balls but if you have excess in the midriff area, that translates to a fat slob in later years…at least in a women’s mind.

•    A sculpted butt. Didn’t think we noticed huh? Tight and high is the way we roll.

•    Hamstrings and gluts. They all tie into that tight and high butt. Very sexy.

•    A broad upper back. This goes back to our need for protection from our mate in ancestral times. We’re still attracted to that broad back. Makes us feel safe. It is also crucial for good posture which is ultimately important to feeling and looking confident.All women attractors. Keep in mind that a nice back will show in everything that is worn.

•    Large chest. Not only do women love a great chest on themselves, they love to notice, touch and love on yours. So, you would be wise to keep your chest strong and manly.

•    Hamstrings. Shapely legs are not only attractive on women but sexy on men.

•    Strong biceps. These are showoff muscles; a true sign of fitness, these are the big guns noticeable whenever you grab something heavy or reach to pull something in. The ladies love those big arms, but only if they’re tight.

•    Powerful forearms. We love protection, and powerful forearms scream “he can protect me”. It’s a good thing.

•    Rock hard calves. This might be the most stubborn muscle for a man to develop. However, women appreciate a proportionate body on a man. You don’t want to build up your upper body, sculpt a six-pack but leave your legs looking like toothpicks. She may not notice when you meet but eventually she will when you get intimate.

•     Strong broad shoulders. Another eye catcher like those 6-pack abs are. Once again for women, protection comes to mind.  Combine strong shoulders above a narrow waist for some real sex appeal.

Honesty, reliability, responsibility, a great personality and accountability are all important to women when looking at the opposite sex. However, it is not only strength of character that draws women in but strength of body. For most men it is a strong body that leads to a strong mind.

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