Home Cooking Is The Answer to Getting Healthy Again


man_blenderWe need to get back into the kitchen and back to “home cooking” if we are to get healthy and rid ourselves of the obesity epidemic.

Home cooking is the single best thing you can do for yourself and because of chefs like Gordon Ramsey, it’s not only “OK” to be in the kitchen but it is actually “macho”.

Home cooking gives you choices…you can start with the best ingredients possible. When you start with raw, unprocessed ingredients there’s always less chance of ending up with additives and unhealthy ingredients in your meals.

It is really easier than you think to stay away from takeout foods and all those conveniently prepared foods at the supermarket when you have been equipped with the right knowledge and the right tools.

Those tools are fresh foods…not the empty processed foods you subject yourself to when you eat out. And, the best way to get more “fresh foods” into your system is by eating “raw” and uncooked foods. These are foods that are fine the way nature has made them.

We must eliminate the culprits that have been linked to degenerative diseases and weight gain including “bad carbs” (such as white flour and white sugar) and “bad fats” (such as saturated fats and Trans fats) along with a raft of unhealthy chemicals and preservatives. When we eat raw foods we can eliminate these villains.

Not only can we eliminate the villains white flour, sugar and bad fats, we can eliminate the age old tradition of baking itself.

We now have another way we can create traditional tasting cookies, snacks and treats, creamy desserts, ice creams and candies that taste as good as or even better than traditional ones.

Nuts, seeds, coconut, fresh and dried fruits and some vegetables can be combined using only a food processor and made into the most delicious snacks, treats and desserts. Ground nuts replace flour, dried fruits replace sugar and avocadoes and coconut oil replaces butter, cream and eggs.

Raw snacks and treats offer much more flexibility than bakes goods ever did so don’t be afraid to change things around or substitute other similar ingredients if you need to.

When you purchase “Strong Men Stay Young” you’ll not only discover secrets to regaining your “macho” body but I’ve included “27 Healthy Man Snacks”. These “guilt-free” Man Snack recipes are the answer to getting some more raw uncooked and unprocessed food into your body to provide you with better nutrition.

Raw snacks offer much more flexibility than bakes goods ever did so don’t be afraid to change things up a bit…experiment with your own flavors and favorite ingredients if you need to.

Eating this way helps to achieve ultimate healthy and a healthy weight goal. We also lesson the negative impact of chemicals in our food and our exposure to food allergens like wheat, diary and gluten.

You guys need to step to the plate and be accountable. It’s not only the females in the household that should be producing the food for their family. That job belongs to everyone.

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