Essene Breads are Healthy and Delicious


essene loafUnfortunately in our busy modern days it is far easier to buy some prepared and prepackaged food that you can eat right away rather than preparing foods from scratch.

However the cost to your health is very high…you will experience poor health for years and possibly even shorten your lifespan.

Raw uncooked food is super healthy and gives you all the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients your body needs for optimal health.

You know you should eat more raw or uncooked foods but does it have to be lettuce and carrot sticks again? No way. There are so many interesting and delicious way to prepare raw and living food that when you see them you will scarcely believe they can be so good for you.

Adding raw foods to your diet is healthy and delicious and much easier than most people believe.

Even grains that are getting quite the bashing these days can be made healthy so they will benefit health and not detract or destroy it.

With a little imagination on your part you can easily come up with ideas to increase your intake of raw living foods. In the end you’ll experience increased energy levels as your health begins to improve.

Longevity, mental attitude, overall health, weight loss, detoxification, vitality, increased energy…these are all valid reason why people eat raw grains, vegetable, fruits, nuts, and seeds.

There are some delicious breads that can be made using soaked and sprouted grains that make it easier to digest and makes the nutrients bio available. One such bread is Essene Bread.

Essene bread is a rich resource made of 100% sprouted grain. It contains much of the goodness of the sprouts themselves-low fat, abundant in protein, natural sugars, fiber, vitamins and minerals…all made very digestible by the presence of numerous enzymes in the sprouts.

Cooking at high temperatures is not good. Heat can destroy high proportions of the vitamins and enzymes found in raw food. Heat is definitely and enemy of the many vital elements in food.

The basic ingredients for Essene bread are unbelievable simple.  Buy the quantity of grain you have decided to us but make sure it is suitable for sprouting…you will need uncooked, unsprayed, whole berries. Neither cracked wheat nor pealed barley for example will sprout.

You’ll need a large-mouthed glass jar for sprouting…or any container that hold water will work fine. They will need breathable tops for sprouting. A piece of fine screening or cheesecloth is best placed over the container’s mouth and secured with a strong rubber band. Anything that allows air and water but not sprouts to pass through easily is fine.

You begin by sprouting the berries overnight in the sprouting container using twice the berries’ volume of water. Drain the soaking water through the breathable tops. Don’t waste the water, pour it on your plants, they will love the added nutrients.

Make sure to rinse the grains with cool water twice daily. Drain thoroughly.

Sprouts are ready when the sprout “tails” are about twice as long as the berry-usually 2 ½ to 3 days after soaking. They should have a mild to sweet taste. You can skip that last rinse before grinding so the berries won’t be too moist.

Make your dough by taking the sprouts and putting them through the grinder or into the food processor.

The result will be a juicy, sticky dough that is mottled light and dark in color; the consistency is similar to raw hamburger. You can use the dough straight from the grinder or if you are not using it right away then wrap the dough tightly with food wrap and refrigerate.

If you choose to add nuts or fruit to your bread, this is when to do it. Soaking your dried fruit first for 20-30 minutes in warm water will give the fruit a pleasing, juicy texture.

To shape into round loaves with slightly flattened tops, wet your hands and work the dough with your hands to produce a smooth surface and to insure that there are no air pockets inside. No kneading is required.

Place on lightly oiled cookie sheet. They are now ready to dehydrate and ‘cook’.

Bake Essene bread at the higher temperature of 200 degrees F. It will take around 2-3 hours (less if doing rolls) until the outside is firm and the bottom though not hard is firm enough to spring back after a gentle prod with the thumb. The inside will be quite soft…a firmer texture develops as it cools. You can flip them over halfway through so the bottom is also dried out. (You can also spray with water bothe before and during baking).

Allow the loaves to cook on a wire rack after removing from the oven. When it is completely cold store in sealed plastic bags. If you choose to eat your bread within 3-4 days keep it out of the refrigerator as it will stay moister that way. Otherwise you can refrigerate and it will keep up to 4 weeks.

Essene Bread Recipe:

No. 1
4 cups wheat sprouts
½ to 1 cup shredded zucchini
salt to taste

No 2
4 cups wheat sprouts
½ cup raisins
½ cup ground almonds or walnuts

No 3
4 cups of sprouts such as kamut, wheat, rye, barley (any mix is good)
2 carrots, medium size, grated then dried with a paper towel to remove excess moisture (or use carrot pulp from juicing).

The addition of carrot adds something delicious, not a carrot flavor but a moist, heavy sweetness. It takes the texture of the bread to another level.

As you can see by these examples, how flexible Essene bread is. You can also add things like dates, raisins or honey for sweeter bread or different vegetables to add moistness.

You’ll find more exciting, unique and delicious raw food snacks and treat recipes in my “Strong Men Stay Young” program.

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