Have Your Cake and Eat It Too With Healthy Raw Desserts


rawdesserts50Just because you’re a guy does not mean you can’t or don’t have a sweet tooth. But how do you satisfy your sweet tooth and feed your body nutrition at the same time? Is it even possible to snack or eat dessert without turning to unhealthy processed foods?

Using only 4-6 ingredients chucked into a food processor you can create some of the most delicious “Man Snacks” you’ve ever tasted. Whether cut into squares or rolled into nutritious balls these are snacks to die for.

If you are trying to stay away from wheat, gluten, sugar and unhealthy fats but you miss satisfying your sweet tooth these easy to create, innovative raw snacks are the answer to your prayers.

Not only do you eliminate the villains, but these special snacks do not even require baking so you can eliminate the age old tradition of oven baking. Raw snacks offer much more flexibility than baked goods and are easy to change up and substitute other similar ingredients if you need to.

You really can have your cake and eat it too with these tempting raw desserts and snacks. Not only are they beautiful to look at and delicious and tempting to eat, they provide health-promoting vitamins, enzymes, fiber and healthy fats and can be made for a reasonable amount of money in a reasonable amount of time.

Raw foods provide better nutrition, help prevent disease and slow the aging process while increasing energy. Eating ‘raw’, eliminates the negative impact of chemicals in your foods and your exposure to food allergens like wheat, diary and gluten. You also eliminate conditions such as bloating, lethargy or guilt

Fresh whole ingredients are your answer to better health and a leaner body. Forget about the saturated fats, Trans-fats and preservatives. You can now enjoy desserts a whole new way made with dynamic alive “clean” flavors made with whole healthy ingredients that our bodies were meant to eat and process.

It’s time to toss out the sugar and flour that were traditionally used…

Ground nuts replace flour, dried fruits replace sugar and avocados and coconut oil replace butter, cream and eggs.

Unprocessed means just that; it was not processed in a factory and it does not come in a box. Eating less processed “empty” foods and more raw uncooked foods is not another diet…it is a lifestyle shift towards better over-all health and well-being.

Raw desserts are more flexible than their counterpart’s baked goods. Each ingredient used in raw cooking is easily replaced if you prefer something a little more or less sweet, richer softer or different than what is listed. As you increase your intake of whole fresh foods you will notice your body becoming not only healthier but more energetic as well.

This is not another diet…it is a lifestyle change towards better health.

Why not surprise your significant other with something special for dessert made with ingredients that not only taste incredible but are actually good for them. Now, that’s what I call true “caring”.

Try “100 Healthy Raw Snacks and Treats” or “50 Healthy Raw Desserts” volume 1 and 2.

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