Leptin Resistance is no Joke…


leptin resistanceBecause the hormones your fat cells produce have an impact on how much food you consume and how much fat you burn leptin resistance is emerging as another leading cause of obesity, weight loss issues and age related weight gain 

Leptin, derived from the Greek word “leptos” (meaning thin) is a key hormone involved in hunger, our metabolism (the rate we burn fuel) and the control of how energy from fats and carbohydrates get stored and utilized.

Insulin resistance is already a serious issue and now we need to consider the possibility of leptin resistance as well. It turns out that prolonged and chronic elevated leptin from being overweight and eating high density foods promotes leptin resistance which in turn predisposes you towards weight gain, premature aging and increases your risk of disease as well.

Leptin plays an important role in all of the following:

It is the key signally hormone circulating in your blood that signals your hypothalamus you have eaten enough and need to start burning fat. Basically, your hypothalamus is the control center for your tummy’s fat storage and feelings of satiety. Circulating leptin in your blood is the key signal for your hypothalamus in this regard.

Leptin production by fat cells signals your hypothalamus that you need more or less body fat.

The rate of production of leptin in your body directly correlates with weight loss or weight gain.

Similar in concept to insulin resistance where chronic elevated levels of insulin makes your muscle and fat cells more resistance to the action of insulin, leptin resistance is very similar because chronic elevated levels of leptin decrease the hypothalamus sensitivity to leptin which in turn causes an increase in the visceral fat your body produces.

If your hypothalamus is resistant to leptin signally you tend to eat way too much making weight loss much more difficult because it makes dieting and restricting food something your body does not want to do.

Unfortunately, once you become resistant to leptin it leads to more eating which then leads to elevated leptin which leads to more eating and in the end weight loss is very difficult.

When you are leptin-resistant, your body no longer hears its own signals to stop eating, burn fat or pass up sugary foods and that is why research is now turning to leptin signally as a potential causal agent in obesity.

The body becomes leptin resistant when you:

Eat a diet which includes too many sugars and grains (grains turn to sugar once you consume them).

The sugar metabolizes to/turns into fat and is stored in your fat cells which in turn causes a surge in leptin.

Your body becomes resistant to leptin just as it can become insulin-resistant.

You are not active enough and weak untoned muscles cannot help regulate fat burning/fat storing hormones. It is the muscles cells that uptake glucose and attempt to maintain hormone balance. Glucose from the food we eat is burned in the muscle cells for energy so strong toned muscles are very important if you wish to remain slim and healthy.

Although the idea of leptin resistance is frontier science, there are some basic steps you can take to prevent yourself becoming leptin resistant…

Avoid high density food: Foods that are highly caloric promote elevated leptin. These foods have a very high ratio of calories and energy to their total volume. Think processed foods – fried foods, cheesecakes, ice-cream, pizza, candies and concentrated sugar drinks are all examples.

Eliminate sugars and grains from your diet: Studies prove that refined sugar is far more additive than cocaine. Refine sugar and starch in the form of grains metabolizes into sugar in your body and should also be eliminated from your diet if you are suffering from excess weight, diabetes or high cholesterol.

healthy fatsEat plenty of good fats: A high sugar diet combines with low essential fat intake cause hunger while good fat intake combined with quality protein along with heavy fibrous carbohydrates for volume tends to make you full and satisfied and the result is you stop eating. Some examples of good fats are: Flaxseeds/meal/oil, hempseed/oil, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, Brazil nuts, sesame seeds, avocados, dark leafy green veggies such as kale and spinach, wheat germ oil, and salmon. (That’s just a short list there are many more…just Google “good fats.”

Avoid chronic hunger by eating more small balanced meals: Don’t resort to diet pills…they are a short term measure at best and will never support a strong, toned, youthful body.

Lose weight: Being overweight goes hand in hand with elevated leptin levels and you will have to lose weight to get control of this.

Just like insulin resistance, leptin resistance is no joke. It needs to be dealt with and avoided at all costs.

The sooner you engage on your healthy eating plan and exercise program the sooner your body returns to a healthy chemical balance that allows your body to lose weight, reduce health risks and restore stellar health.

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