The Vicious Cycle of Inflammation


steak and veggiesInflammation could unknowingly be affecting your weight loss goals as well as your overall health and well-being.

The more toxic your body, the more inflamed fat cells you have and the more likely you will be holding onto your fat stores making it harder to lose fat/weight. Cells become large and inflamed when exposed to toxic stressors by the food we eat, our environment or even our emotions.

The body does an amazing job of filtering out as many toxins as it can…however even the body struggles when you overload it with poisons and the result is a weight-loss resistant body.

Your body begins storing new fat more easily as well as holding onto stored fat.

Fat cells are basically in one of three states. They can be small immature cell, normal medium cells, or large inflamed cells. When cells are in an inflamed state they cannot release their fatty acids back into the bloodstream to be burned up for energy and this is the primary reason that inflammation is linked to excess body fat.

Most people are aware that it is not healthy to have excess body fat but are unaware that this same unwanted body fat also produces a chronic state of low-grade inflammation.

Inflammation also results from sensitivity to the chemicals and additives used in heavily refined and processed food. When this sensitivity goes on undetected for years it becomes a ticking bomb quieting and destructively undermining your health and causing inflammation in your body’s tissues and cells.

These circulating toxins are dangerous so the body tries to remove them and fat cells are the first place your body looks when it needs to rid itself of toxins. Your fat cells become your body’s storage tanks and the vicious cycle of inflammation begins.

Inflammation ends up fighting our natural hormonal responses to hunger and food. When our appetite regulation hormones are messed up we don’t get the correct hormonal messages and don’t know when we are full so we end up overeating or we respond to crazy food cravings that have us reaching for the first fattening food we can grab.

There is only way sure way to correct this situation and that is to cleanse the body of its toxic overload because losing weight is easier when inflammation is reduced.

Instead of choosing man-made or “man messed-with” foods we must begin to choose foods based on their nutrient value. We need to shift from primarily processed, chemically laden foods that contribute to inflammation to nutrient rich choices those that provide a hefty amount of nutrients in comparison to their calorie value.

These foods are not only high in protein and good carbohydrates but supply other nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and fiber.

Nutrient dense foods include:










Poultry (free range)

Eggs (free range)

Meat (grass fed)

In comparison, processed, refined non-foods include things like soda, candy bars, cookies, chips and other junk type packaged foods. These kinds of food are high in sugars, unhealthy fats and chemicals. They provide mostly empty calories.

Once your body is getting the nutrients it needs, you will find your destructive cravings begin to disappear and your food addictions are lessened if not eliminated.

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