Are You Being Robbed Of Your Manly Male Hormone Testosterone?


There is a silent epidemic happening that is affecting our men. Our modern day warriors are living a lifestyle that is sapping their strength and vitality, increasing their disease risk and aging them at a premature and accelerated rate.

 If you are a man maybe you are experiencing some of the classic symptoms. An expanding waistline, loss of strength, have become irritable, depressed, lack motivation to be active, problems with the love life, feeling tired and lacking energy you could be living the sort of lifestyle that is suppressing your natural male hormones.

Too little activity combined with poor nutrition

It is a common lifestyle that an estimated 80 percent of males live. One that includes too little intense exercise and poor nutrition mainly but you can add in too little sleep, too much stress, alcohol, too many sugars and unhealthy fats as well.

This way of living life could be negatively impacting on the positive, life-force sustaining hormonal expression of your body. The end result is that this situation will gradually drain your energy, vigor, vitality and eventually your life.

The most important reasons other than getting older that suppress male hormones like testosterone in a man are most definitely the negative effects of a bad diet and no proper exercise lifestyle. Not eating enough quality protein or simply not eating enough while overindulging in unhealthy processed foods will also inhibit production.

Testosterone is what makes “a man, a man”

The powerful male hormone testosterone is what makes ‘a man a man’ and what fuels them. It gives them drive, energy and motivation to take on the day. When levels are low a man will likely feel tired, flat, depressed with little desire to be active and likely have low self esteem.

If you are a man past thirty this is likely happening to you at this very moment. Your body is quietly stockpiling fat, your lean muscle tissue is dwindling, you are losing strength and your energy is plummeting. The longer you fail to recognize this demise of your body the harder it will be to put the brakes on the momentum that has been happening for years (maybe decades).

Doing enough muscle building and maintaining exercise is critical to keeping male hormones flowing. Proper strength training exercise directly stimulates the testosterone producing glands and men who work their muscular system properly will have higher levels of testosterone and other important ‘growth and repair’ hormones that will keep them healthier and more youthful.

Just implementing 2-3 sessions each week of a strength training program will help restore your maleness along with your general health. Add to that a reduction in processed foods and an increase in natural whole foods cooked from scratch and you will have a formula that will have your body humming again in just a few months.

As a society, we are raised to believe that getting older brings with it declines in our physical function and aches and pains. But this is simply not true. These declines are not related to age at all but to an overall unhealthy way of living.

A no exercise lifestyle can do way more damage to overall health and vitality than anything the aging process can throw at us. When you disrespect your body this way your energy is drained, your mind fogs and your confidence will crash. You are in fact hammering your very manhood and life-force. But you do not have to follow the others, you can take action and refuse to be part of this silent epidemic that is robbing our modern day warriors of their manliness.




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