Belly Fat is a Problem


strong men stay youngYou can’t solve a problem by ignoring it. If you ignore the problem it continues to grow. That’s pretty elementary stuff.

Why is it then that most middle aged men when that ‘spare tire’ surfaces and continues to expand ignore the problem that has surfaced as though it did not exist and just give in and act as though it’s supposed to be there?

Belly fat is a problem. There’s no beating around the bush, if you have belly fat and you are not paying attention to this ever important symptom that your body is sending you, you are dueling with danger.

You are not alone, belly fat is prevalent in middle aged men, but the sad thing is that most men just pass it off as ‘part of getting old’. They give in to the status quo.

But the great news is there are natural effective solutions that can solve this so called ‘aging problem’ when you understand the cause behind the problem; the cause behind the effect that is appearing.

Most men just see the effect and try to change that. That’s noble for sure and probably the first step on your road to recovery. It’s that image in the mirror that usually drives men to look for a solution.

However you cannot change the effect permanently without addressing the inner cause. It won’t work.
So what’s the cause of this epidemic belly fat issue?

Hormones; an imbalance of hormones is the root issue and until you address the root issue, the affects you are seeing will continue to be the same.

Extra belly fat can indicate one or more of the following hormonal imbalances:
•    Low testosterone
•    High estrogen
•    Low DHEA (a hormone of the adrenal glands)
•    High insulin
•    High cortisol

Hormones control every aspect of weight loss including metabolic rate (how fast you burn energy), where you store your fat/energy and even your cravings.

The key to ridding yourself of that unsightly belly fat is balancing the hormones that are causing this distortion in your once manly figure. You must be willing to combine proper diet, exercise, sleep and motivation in the process if you want to instill a healthy hormonal balance that allows fat loss to take place.

The combination of these important hormonal balancing factors restores the natural balance of your hormones so you can “lose the gut” while improving your overall health and eating habits; all without experiencing any hunger or cravings.

For a comprehensive program to assist you I’ve created “Strong Men Stay Young” and within this program you’ll discover a complete system for balancing your hormones and returning to the “svelte” self you once were.

Included is a quick-start “Lose the gut” 7 day meal plan that’s done for you. This 7 day plan will get you going with your weight loss efforts and you’ll get visual results quickly, which gives you extra motivation to “stick with it”, an important psychological factor in recovery.

Although this quick-start menu does not contain enough calories to keep you sustained long term, for those with extra issues in the belly fat area, this “fat loss boost”, this fat-burning momentum can be repeated every couple of months to kick-start your efforts.

For those in-between “boost” times I’ve included a comprehensive “He Man” eating plan that will continue to balance your hormones so you still experience continuing successful fat loss over a sensible period of time.

Simply go back to the home page of this website to access this program and get started in minutes from now.

The results will be a “healthier, stronger, more virile you”- a reflection of yourself that you’ll love.

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