Don’t Let Low Testosterone Feminize Your Manly Body


There always is a lot of talk about women’s hormones and not so much about men’s hormones.  It does not help that many men do not like to talk about these things so do not seem to seek or share this information as freely as women do. It is hard to imagine men sitting around having coffee with their buddies and talking about their hormones isn’t it?

Yet a man’s hormones – particularly testosterone has a huge influence on a man’s physical, mental and emotional health and if that balance is altered it can have detrimental health effects. Many people mistakenly think of low testosterone as only affecting older men, but men in their 30’s and 40’s can also fall prey to low testosterone counts.

You could think of a hormone like the remote control for your television. In much the same way that you change the channel using the remote control hormones are chemical messengers and give instructions to the body’s cells and tissues.

Having a healthy balance can determine how fit or fat you are, whether you have muscular strength or become weak, how much energy and vitality you have or whether you stay well and healthy or succumb to disease.

If a man becomes overweight it lowers his testosterone levels and increases his estrogen levels which is the predominant female hormone. It is when this balance is altered that men can develop chest fat sometimes known as ‘man boobs’. The female hormone instructs that fat is stored in places where a woman’s body would store fat… thanks to the shift that throws the hormonal balance toward a higher estrogen level.

The higher the level of body fat in a man the higher the estrogen level will be. This of course is a self induced situation as men who have an unhealthy body composition (muscle/fat ratio) have created it themselves.

To reverse the situation it is vital to rebalance the hormones to shed the fat while rebuilding and re-toning precious muscle tissue. There is only one way to do this and that is to get started on a proper strength training program. Muscles need to be worked directly with adequate resistance to reboot the metabolism and rebalance hormones.

Exercise triggers natural male hormone release, so the more you can get those muscles back in shape the higher the testosterone levels will be and the quicker you will restore the natural manly hormonal balance and stop the feminization that no man would seriously want.

Get results quicker by ditching the processed and refined foods from your diet and your life and replace with natural whole foods that you cook from scratch. Those two strategies will get this problem sorted and get you back in the game.


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