Human Growth Hormone And Why It’s Important To You


hgh-testosterone-boostersHuman Growth Hormone (HGH) is an anabolic hormone naturally produced in the human body. It is created in your brain by the pituitary gland which is responsible for the various outputs of hormones which are our chemical messengers giving instructions to our body systems and cells.

HGH stimulates the growth of muscle, cartilage and bone. Referring back to its given name, human growth hormone, it literally makes the whole human specimen flourish in stature, fitness and overall general health.

Your HGH levels can vary drastically, up to 100-fold by the results of some studies depending on your sleep, exercise and nutritional habits.

Let’s talk about what HGH means to you, what happens if you are deficient in it, and what you can do to stay at your peak in this area of health. Having a HGH deficiency can be quite a serious problem. Take a look at some of the symptoms, and you tell me how concerned you should be:

-A higher level of body fat, especially around the waist, anxiety and depression, less strength/stamina creating less desire to be active, less muscle mass, fatigue, feelings of low self esteem, reduced bone density (higher risk of bone fractures), decreased sexual function and interest, increased disease risk and accelerated and premature aging.

DAMN! I don’t know about you, but after reading those symptoms…that sounds like a roller-coaster straight outta hell. Mental, emotional and physical discrepancies…all bundled into one package is not something I would want either on my horizon or on yours.

While it is inevitable for some people to experience low levels of HGH, there are some ways you can stimulate its production, therefore doing your part in day to day life to help maintain a healthy balance in your body.

Get Your Shut Eye

Getting enough quality sleep. This has gotta be the foundation of curing almost anything. especially if you feel you might be lacking in hormone production.

Eating Right Not Less

Interestingly the amino acids in a high quality, protein packed meal will also boost your production of human growth hormone. Also, avoiding too many bad sources of refined carbohydrates (i.e. breads, pastas…) will keep your insulin levels low, consequently allowing HGH to do its work because there won’t be any inhibition from the insulin response.

It’s been seen at the age of 20-21, approximate HGH levels are around 10 milligrams per 1 blood deciliter. At age 61 HGH levels dropped to around 2 milligrams. Big red flag here…what does that mean? As you get older, HGH levels tend to drop DRASTICALLY.

As you age, being more aware of your hormones and what is really taking a hit is crucial in maintaining optimal health. Keeping your body in a healthy state THROUGHOUT life, whether you are young or old is something to be prioritized.

If you are already experiencing and starting to feel the effects  of running your systems down over time with a poor diet (eating the wrong types of foods and too much of them) combined with a no proper exercise lifestyles, not to worry.
It’s never too late to make some changes.

Even more powerful is that we can ALWAYS improve on something. You can analyze your lifestyle, set some goals and start hitting them immediately. Prioritizing your health and getting the most important things dialled in, so that you can perform in the gym, at the job, in the bedroom and life in general.

You gotta be feeling good to help serve others (family, friends, work colleagues, your community and above yourself) in the best way, and make your contribution to the world. You can’t give what you don’t have. Make these lifestyle factors a priority, and you are on your way to a more fulfilling life. Attention to your health is going to become unavoidable at some point.

Just a FYI…

The same things that boost testosterone naturally also raise HGH.

Yes, you guessed it, a proper strength training program to rebuild and restore precious muscle tissue that has been allowed to wither away with disuse. Do not be misled into believing that any type of movement or exercise will restore muscle tissue as it will not.  Low intensity endurance types of activity will not change body composition (muscle/fat ratio) and that is what must happen to correct the issue of becoming over fat and under muscled.

Body composition is the best measure of the effectiveness of your exercise program. It can be done at your local gym or fitness center and will tell you how much body fat you have in relation to how much muscle tissue you have. Obviously you want less fat and more muscle as the key to good health is so much more than battling the bathroom scale.

You need good quality toned muscle tissue if you want good health and you also need good quality toned muscle if you want to lose weight for the long term. Weak, flabby muscles will never give you a healthy body weight as your energy requirements would be so very low and you would have to live your life eating so little that it would fit through the eye of a needle and that is not eating in a healthy manner.

So, if you have some weight to lose think about re-stoking your metabolic furnace rather than blaming your slowed metabolism. “I am gaining weight because my metabolism has slowed down so it’s not my fault”. But people do not gain weight because their metabolisms are slowing down, their metabolism are slowing down because their muscle tissue is being lost that goes hand in hand with a corresponding less amount of youthful HGH being released.

For every pound of muscle you lose, you lose a slice of your metabolism burning less fuel and storing more as fat weight. Just reverse the situation and watch the reverse happen. Build your muscle tissue back and watch your health improve in every way which includes losing that excess body fat.

Do not get caught in the old belief that you are getting enough daily physical activity to be healthy. Maybe 30-50 years ago this might have been true, but not in this modern sedentary world where most of us sit for 80 percent of our day in one chair or another.

However, although we can exist and prosper financially without needing to exert ourselves physically in our modern day civilization our bodies still require the physical exertion for the stimulation of ‘growth and repair’ hormones such as HGH that keep us healthy and disease free.

Our bodies still have the same genetic blueprint as our nomadic ancestors and have not changed at all in tens of thousands of years. Their only method of renewing themselves on an ongoing basis is with challenging physical activity being the primary way.
When muscles contract forcefully they not only stay strong they trigger the release of HGH which tells the brain that this body needs to stay strong and healthy as it has to provide and hunt for food to feed a family.

If the brain is told the opposite – no muscular activity so no strength needed the most basic law of nature kicks in – the old ‘use it or lose it’ scenario.  This then puts the body into shut-down mode so it can be cleared away to make room for other younger, stronger beings at the trough so they get their share of resources.

When challenged by proper exercise, such as strength training your muscles, bones, cells and tissues are continually forced to renew themselves with the continual release of HGH. This is the closest thing we have to the Fountain of Youth and the mechanism to sweep out old, degenerated, worn out cells and tissues and rebuilding younger, stronger and healthier ones to keep you looking and feeling a million dollars no matter your age.

If you want this for yourself, let me lead the way. Just go to the home page on this website and read about the 10 modules of the Strong Men Stay Young program that will not only slow down your HGH loss but boost it immensely at very little cost to you. Sure, you will need to put some effort in, but it’s the old story – what you put in you get back – tenfold. Are you up for it?

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