Low Testosterone Tells All


testosterone-treatmentHormones are master controllers when it comes to growth, development and reproduction in the body.

They are produced by the endocrine glands that deposit the hormones into the bloodstream where they become the body’s chemical messengers relaying information between different functions and various parts and organs. They coordinate activities and processes in the whole body.

The word “hormone” derives from the Greek word “hormon” which translates to “that which sets in motion.” They were discovered early on in the twentieth in century (1902) and shortly thereafter the term hormone was coined and used in 1905 by English psychologist Ernest Starling – (1866-1927).

They are grouped according to what they control whether it be how the body uses food, how the body reacts to situations, and the growth of the body as well as sex and reproduction.

For example, the metabolic activities of the body are controlled by hormones that help provide the proper nutrition and right amount of energy for the body to function correctly while the hormone testosterone is mandatory for the proper physical development of boys and male characteristics. It stimulates as well as maintains masculine development.

In other words, it’s what makes “a man a man.”

The pituitary and hypothalamus glands control the amount of testosterone that is produced and secreted by the testes, a pair of sperm-producing organs that control and maintain the health of the male productive system. Also known as gonads…they are the counterpart to female ovaries.

The important role of testosterone doesn’t stop at puberty. This male specific hormone is integral to a variety of bodily functions all the way through adulthood including:

Health production of sperm

Maintenance of muscles mass and strength

Maintaining healthy libido

Promoting healthy bone density

Up until the age of approximately 30, keeping youthful, healthy and fit is easier because our hormones are in plenty supply but as we grow older, the amount of hormones our body makes dwindles making us susceptible to disease and victims of the aging process.

Low testosterone levels are a serious condition that affects more than 1/3 of men over 45 with odds even highly for obese men. It is associated with a number of conditions as well as contributing to a decreased level and quality of life.

As testosterone levels decline, energy, muscle mass and strength go down, sex drive peters out, body fat rise, good cholesterol goes down while bad cholesterol goes up and susceptibility to depression and disease increases.

Modern lifestyles that include poor nutrition and little to no intense exercise is the root of the problem. Too much stress, too little sleep, indulging in unhealthy processed foods…all inhibit testosterone production.

The signs of low level testosterone are not hard to spot and include pot bellies, low self-esteem, loss of lean muscle mass and bone density, high blood pressure, weight gain, hair loss, mood swings, lack of energy and mental alertness.

Unfortunately, rather than making the necessary lifestyle changes that allow their bodies to create optimum T levels, more and more men are turning to their doctors for prescriptions for expensive and potentially dangerous testosterone therapies when the only real lasting solution is to get them to lose weight, neat better, sleep better and get proper exercise.

Bottom line is men need to work their muscles to keep healthy levels of testosterone.

A challenging strengthening exercise program is just what kicks those lazy hormones back into action, turning around and rejuvenating a man’s entire quality of life.

In order to stimulate the pituitary gland to release testosterone (as well as other fitness hormones) the major muscles groups must be put through a complete range of movement under adequate weight load for strengthening to occur and trigger the release of youthful hormones.

Working major muscle groups increases blood flow and brings oxygen and nutrients to all body cells and tissues helping to stimulate testosterone producing glands. Those who exercise regularly have high levels of testosterone in their body keeping their manly assets like strength and virility a whole lot longer as they get older along with balanced emotional well-being and healthy levels of self-confidence.

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