Naturally Boost Testosterone Levels


testie1Looking for a magic solution to boosting your testosterone levels? Truth is, if there was a magic solution to this decreasing hormone, we wouldn’t have the conditions we find ourselves in.

Testosterone plays a critical role in men’s health. It works at maintaining muscle mass, bone density and sex drive for starters. Unfortunately, testosterone is at its highest early in adulthood and begins declining a bit each year after.

Although there is no magic solution to fixing testosterone levels, there are natural ways to help boost it up.

Although you can turn to steroids, patches, creams, gels and pellets to try and increase your testosterone levels, you don’t need any of these and in fact you can increase testosterone levels far quicker by using natural methods.

Here’s a list of natural ways to boost your testosterone levels:

  • Strength Training: of the most effective ways to increase testosterone levels is strength training. Studies have shown that age doesn’t matter…young or old there was a significant increase in testosterone after strength training. The best three exercises for best results are: squats, bench press, and deadlift. These big compound movements will definitely create a huge hormonal response. Squats have been shown to increase testosterone and growth hormone more than leg presses on a machine do.Using heavy weights and working out in sets with low reps has proven to increase testosterone more effectively than any other exercise.


  • Increase Dietary Fat: Studies have shown that low fat diets lowered testosterone levels dramatically while high fat diets produced the opposite effect…a sharp increase in serum testosterone.


  • Lose Excess Fat: The higher the fat, the higher your estrogen levels will be and the lower your testosterone levels because fat cells are loaded with estrogen the female hormone that lowers testosterone levels.


  • Control Stress: Stress causes high cortisol and cortisol is associated with low testosterone levels.


  • Shorter Work-outs: Shorter more intense high volume work-outs produce the biggest release in testosterone production. The longer you work-out the higher your cortisol levels climb resulting in decreased levels of testosterone.


  • Sleep: A study published in the University of Chicago showed that men who averages just 5 hours sleep per night experienced a drop in testosterone levels between 10 and 15%. Because most of your testosterone will be produced while you are sleeping (REM stages of sleep) you need a minimum of 6 hours a night with 7-8 the optimal range. Grab a short nap during the day if your schedule allows and get your adequate sleep at night.


  • Avoid Soy: Soy is a strong phytoestrogen that directly increases your serum estrogen levels resulting in a drop of testosterone levels.


  • Limit Alcohol consumption: It’s not a problem enjoying a drink or two occasionally, however be aware that alcohol consumption definitely has a negative impact on testosterone levels…especially beer. Beer is loaded with hops and hops are highly estrogenic and stimulate estrogen production in the male body…not the route you want to go.


  • “Nuts to Nuts”: Almost any kind of nut naturally increases testosterone levels. They’re loaded with essential fats needed to produce testosterone and natural arginine.


  • Begin your day the protein way: By starting the day the high protein, moderate fat way; eggs, steak, avocados, nuts and veggies all increase energy and satiety (feeling full). Since testosterone levels are highest when you first wake up, it’s not wise to disrupt that process by eating carbs right away which drop testosterone levels temporarily.


  • Eat Organic: whenever possible. Avoid chemicals that mimic estrogen (which in turn lowers testosterone levels). Watch out for non-organic meats that are filled with traces of synthetic hormone.


  • Quit Smoking: Smoking harms your health in numerous ways including lowered testosterone levels. This one’s not easy to give up but if you value your testosterone levels, you’ll quit smoking.


  • Get Active in the Bedroom: Enjoy sex more often…especially productive if you have a partner. More sex = more testosterone. 😉 Sex also increases confidence and decreases stress.

If you or someone you know have concerns about their testosterone levels it’s time to be proactive and do something about it. Let me help with my “Strong Men Stay Young” program. Imagine feeling your confidence and masculinity levels soar to levels you haven’t felt since your early twenties.

It’s possible you just need the right help!

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