Your Testosterone. Don’t Take It For Granted! (Part 2)


Our last article discussed how andropause – a decrease of the testosterone responsible for much of your physical and mental wellbeing – causes an alarming decrease of your masculinity. It can make it difficult to get and maintain a strong erection, cause loss of muscle mass and strength, and increase your body fat. And as if these things weren’t bad enough, your decreasing testosterone can also alter your brain chemistry – causing a loss of sexual desire, feelings of depression, and mood swings.

What can be done about this decrease in testosterone? Read on to find out!

Build Muscle Through Strength Training
If you think the solution to your decreasing testosterone is a prescription drug, you’d better think again! In reality, exercise is one of the most important things you can do to rebuild your testosterone. The physical activity of strength training will stimulate testosterone production and cause your body to pack on fat-gobbling muscle, as well as lowering the level of estrogens in your body.

Besides being a natural way to build testosterone, there are a great many other benefits of packing on muscle. More muscle means more calories are burned every day, even when you are not engaged in physical activity. Maintaining a healthy body weight becomes much easier, and you will sleep better because the added muscle pads your body. Imagine eliminating your tossing and turning at night to relieve yourself of discomfort from sleeping in positions that can only be tolerated for short periods of time!

Step Up to the The Deadlift
The king of all exercises for developing total overall body strength and building your masculinity is the deadlift. This exercise is the most basic of essential human movements. Achieved by lifting a barbell off the ground from a bent-over position, the deadlift is unrivaled in its simplicity and impact. It is also unique in its capacity for increasing head-to-toe strength.

The dead lift works wonders for stimulating the production of testosterone. This is because of the full-body nature of the movement. It stresses muscle groups all over the body, and the more fatigue your muscles experience the more your body generates testosterone to repair and strengthen those muscles. The result is that your body adds muscle. Thus, when you perform the exercise again, you get even more out of it. This is because there is more muscle to stress, which leads to more of a demand for testosterone — so your testosterone increases to meet the demand.

The deadlift also strengthens your cardiovascular system and raises your metabolic rate so that your body goes into a state of fat burning rather than fat storage. The result is weight loss, plus all the male health benefits that go along with having high levels of testosterone.

In addition to using activity to elevate your testosterone levels naturally, diet also plays a key factor. This topic can’t be dealt with fully in this short article. What can be said, however, is that it’s important to avoid eating estrogen-enhancing foods and feminizing substances in your local environment. A couple important tips are to skip processed foods, eat plenty of brightly-colored fruits and vegetables (preferably organic,) and to choose free-range and grass-fed meats to help avoid toxic chemicals.

Take Control!
You have more control over your masculinity than you realize! The things you eat and your level of strength-building activity have powerful effects on your well being. The choice is yours. Will you let yourself become feminized, or will you rise up and take charge of your manhood?

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