Men and Body Image


imagesWhen people talk about body image, most often they are referring to women. After all, society’s image has been a bit tough on females. However, you might be surprised to find out that more men are concerned about their body’s shape and appearance, about how they look than women are.

With beer bellies and “man boobs” prevalent, you wouldn’t think this was a trend, but statistics have proven that four out of five men have anxiety about their perceived bodily imperfections and flaws compared with 75% of women; surprising but true.

For the most part, we believe guys are carefree and don’t put much time in in front of the mirror. However, these findings reveal that men really do have a growing obsession with their appearance, with their body image. While females are concerned with being slim and having big boobs, men want to be lean and mean.

So, what’s the answer for men looking to create an image that they can feel positive about? Opting for a quick fix is not the answer. Quick fixes like liposuction to remove fat from your beer belly might be a fast solution, but they do not deal with the issues in your head that caused that beer belly in the first place. That’s where the problem began and that’s where the problem needs fixing.

What works? How do men address their minds and bodies at the same time? What can men do to feel good about their body image?

Proper strength training and diet is the answer. Diet feeds the body the nutrients it needs to build good tissue and strength training is the key to so many things not the least of which is body image and feeling positive about life.

Not only will muscles respond with joy but strength training stimulates testosterone production and growth hormone and feeling more manly is never a bad thing!

Additionally, strength training packs on the muscle and more muscle means more calories are burned even when you are not physically engaged in activity of any sort. That’s a sweet little bonus for most men, burning calories while sitting!

Better sleep is another positive aspect of strength training, but what most men love is the attention they get from the opposite sex.

Women love a sculpted healthy body, you will get noticed!

Because strength training lowers levels of estrogen…the female hormone, the one responsible for those man-boobs, you can eliminate man boobs, get rid of beer bellies and fall in love with your reflected mirrored image just by following a great strength training program and sticking to a healthy diet.

When you feel positive about yourself and about your body image, it reflects into every aspect of your life; emotionally, physically and mentally. It’s a win win situation for you, your health and for those around you.

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