Mind-Matters When it Comes to Weight-loss


mind mattersAre you aware that you are running “mind programs” that are likely killing all your efforts at losing weight and getting fit?

Often overweight issues stem from “old programming” that’s created deep distorted grooves in our vibratory pattern and these patterns or grooves are in constant “play” mode until we shut them down for good.

If you can’t fix a present computer problem with old programming, neither can you fix your present personal issues…whether weight related, health related or fitness related with the old programming your mind is presently running.

These programs that continually run on auto-pilot are old programming, old files that you stored away through your life’s journey but they are not working solutions to your issues now any more than old computer programming could be expected to fix new computer issues.

If you continually struggle to lose weight or lose it and find that you put it back on then your “record” your “definitions” are sabotaging your efforts and until you change the programming these “mind records” or “past definitions” will continue to squash your efforts.

In other words…you need to “cut a new record”, “install a new program” and get up to date with what you are playing.

Allow your mind to release the misinformation and distorted “wisdom” that impressed your energy signature and created “fear files” that continually dictate your actions now.

Know that everything you need in the way of energy and solution is located “now” not in some past programming your mind is holding onto.

The sad truth is…”use past programming” and you get “past results.” If your presently had the answer to your weight loss issues you wouldn’t be in the spot you are in!

Your limiting thoughts, beliefs, perceptions and definitions are shaping your life now if you live in past programming.

But, the good news is, just like upgrading your computer programming, your personal programming is fully up-gradable too. However, it takes stamina, endurance, determination and tenacity to take up this mental challenge to eliminate any mental “fears” and conditioning that presently control your life.

It’s not easy, but that’s why the results are so powerful!

What you do is a result of your feelings and your feelings spring from how you think…what your beliefs are. That’s what needs changing. You need to become aware (likely you don’t even know about these files) so that you can start to shift how you think and feel and more importantly the actions you take as a result.

For example, you need to become an observer of your mind and start to recognize what sets off your urges to eat. What causes these urges? What are you feeling at those moments? That’s what counts and needs to change.

You can’t change what you are not aware of, so this is an inner journey…a journey that will take you where the controls are.

Remember, you can’t play old programming….in this case, the perspectives/beliefs of an overweight person if you want to manifest health in a slim-downed and fit body. They don’t resonate.

What you think and what you manifest always resonate. 

The formula is simple:

Change your thoughts/beliefs and your actions such as eating healthy and regular exercise shift automatically as a result.

Permanent weight-loss can only happen if what you see, feel and believe about your body has changed. Once your programming matches that of a naturally slim person, losing weight is automatic and easy and the best thing of all permanent!

Everything you need to begin and succeed with your weight-loss goals can be found in “Strong Men Stay Young” my comprehensive program created just for men that contains 7 modules addressing everything from strength training to diet to hormones and longevity.

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