Mind Muscle before Body Muscle


strong-mind2If you are looking to change your body shape, if you have decided it’s time to tone and firm up your muscles there is one obstacle that you must get past before you will ever enjoy success.

Your mind. Your mind rules in all that you do. Whether your goal is to lose fat or gain muscle you must be prepared mentally and that means big changes to your present habits, life style and work ethic.

The good thing is this empowers you. It places the power to change your body, your life and your mind squarely on you. There is no power outside of you that can do this. The power lies within you to change your thoughts, your perceptions, and therefore your life.

Your body belongs to you alone and so does your mind. No longer can you look outside of yourself or use “excuses” for your behavior, attitudes and body shape.

By accepting responsibility in your minds/thoughts for the present condition you are in you empower yourself with the energy to change it. If you don’t own up to the conditions you find yourself in and try and place blame outside of yourself this transfers the power to whatever it is you are blaming.

Accepting Responsibility = Empowerment

Resisting/denying = disempowers and strips you of your personal power

So, the very first thing you must do when you set out to change your body shape is to recognize and accept the fact that you alone are responsible for the shape you find yourself in. You must tackle your mind…your perceptions, beliefs and judgments first.

Once your mind is cleared of any type rubbish that may otherwise clutter it…the excuses, stories and dramas that it makes up about why you look and act the way you do, the stage is set…the slate it clean for your “new story”. The one you’ll be creating as you travel towards your weight-loss/fat-loss or muscle building goal.

This clear strong mind that you have developed by eliminating the “rubbish”…excuses etc. is your ally against obstacles that will continually surface during your journey to goal’s end.

If you don’t tackle your mind first and jump head-first into your diet or muscle building plan, your mind will surely sabotage your efforts somewhere along the way…probably many times.

Your inner mind is the key to your outer success. It must be disciplined to start with a clean slate; one without preconceived ideas of failure and defeat; the preprogrammed software that continually runs in our minds.

There are some proactive steps you can take to strengthen your position/your mind and your perceptions.

Live in a world surrounded by Positive People: It’s amazing how negative people (who seemed positive before) seem to surface the minute you decide to take proactive steps to better yourself.

Watch out for the “poison pill pushers”. You know them well because every time you’ve started down this path before they have influenced you with their negativity. They’re the ones that love leaving off-hand remarks about your diet or training schedule. They may even poke fun at you.

This type of outside negativity can eventually wear you down (it can be a real progress killer) if you have not already addressed cleaning and strengthening your mind.

Build your mind muscle first and it will take care of the rest.

Another valuable tip to keep your mind focused and out of negative thought is to set short and long-term goals so that your mind has a logical place to focus its attention and purpose. If you are currently lifting 250 for 5 reps then a short-term goal could be to accomplish 275 for 5 reps.

Bear in mind that your short term goals must be constantly updated in order to keep your motivation and your momentum high.

No weight loss/fat loss plan or body shaping challenge is easy. You will run into obstacles along the way.  By exercising and developing a cleaned out mind, one with a healthy, strong, balanced and self-reflective mind-set ahead of time your chances of success are multiplied ten-fold.

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