The Difference Between Success and Failure Is Mindset


iStock_000011408313XSmallDoes this sound familiar?

You set a health goal you were really excited about. Maybe it was to drop a few pounds, increase your energy, or once and for all shrink your belly.  You gathered all the tools you needed…a diet plan, a book, good food, exercise shoes, an exercise program and maybe even a gym membership, and you started out on your journey.

A short while later, you found yourself straying. At first you just strayed a little bit. Then the diversions became more frequent and took you a lot further off course, until you found yourself right back where you started… or, worse yet, further from your goal than when you started. Perhaps a few extra pounds crept in, your belly became bloated all over again or you developed a new nagging health complaint.

We have all been there, done that.

For more than 25 years I have counseled people with all sorts of health challenges, ranging from simple allergies and digestive woes to debilitating autoimmune diseases and crippling degenerative conditions. During that time I have observed that the degree of recovery is not necessarily proportional to the severity of the condition or the strictness of the approach.

Like most trainers and coaches, I’ve seen it all…from the highly motivated and dedicated to the magic bullet seekers; from “I’ll follow your plan but I don’t have to like it” to “I am so grateful there’s a solution, I’ll gladly do whatever it takes to create lasting health”. I’ve seen lots of people who have been incredibly successful at overcoming serious health challenges, restoring their energy and getting their lives back. I have seen many people lose weight and never gain it back.

After careful observation of what I have seen work and what I have seen fail, of those who made massive strides and those who could not get off the roller coaster ride, the common thread I have found is very clear – those successful ones experience a shift in their mindset.

Without a proper mindset, certain social events or life stresses may trigger old habits and POOF! You are down the slippery slope again into old familiar habits that lead further away from what you desire most.

It’s amazing how haphazardly most people approach a new health plan. Just jumping right into a new diet routine or exercise program, without taking the time to create a vision and goals is a prescription for failure. Having proper knowledge and cutting through food and weight loss myths is only one part of achieving your health goals. Proper goal setting is another important step in achieving your goals.

But proper goal setting is only one part of achieving your health goals. Sometimes, I see people who are super-determined to achieve their goals, have all the coaches, programs, products and equipment lined up to help them, only to find themselves being stuck at some point and unable to move forward to achieve what they set out to accomplish.

Often times, they got stuck at the same place every time; no matter what different methods or approaches they try. Similar scenarios seem to play out over and over again.

What is the missing ingredient? Turns out that mindset adjustment is another important component in making positive changes that last. This applies to all aspects of health and wellness, but it is particularly effective for working on lifestyle changes that include weight management and getting a couple of proper exercise sessions in each week.

There are many ways you can up-level your mindset for success, and it heavily depends upon where you are as an individual. Here, I am going to share with you three simple upgrades that you can do right away to make a difference.

1. The 80/20 Rule. Eat well and healthy 80 percent of the time, and let yourself indulge without guilt 20 percent of the time. Don’t beat yourself up if you slip – this kind of guilt and self-blame does not help you stay on course.Deprivation is not a sustainable way to make changes that last.

You may be able to go cold turkey on your favorite food for two weeks, but want happens after your “diet”? Most people will probably binge, feel bad, and give up. Allowing yourself to eat what you love, and possibly finding healthier substitutes to satisfy your taste buds, is how you can make healthy changes that will bring you benefits for a long time to come.

2. The Bigger Why. When you face challenges in adapting dietary and lifestyle changes, and wanting to just go back to the old familiar way of eating, ask yourself – what is costing you not to take action? Perhaps you are struggling with low energy to play with your kids, or attain a healthy weight to reduce your disease risk. Or you are just plain fed up with not feeling or looking your best. After all living in a feel-bad body takes its toll and you know deep down that there is a better way to live your life.

You need to go deep, and think not just the immediate consequences but keep asking “then what?” Why do you really want to make this change, and what will you lose if you do not succeed? Knowing this will motivate you to achieve your ultimate goal.

3. Subconscious Fear and Mental Blocks. If you have been trying to make changes to your diet and lifestyle, but are unable to make breakthroughs beyond a certain point, I invite you to dig deeper into what is holding you back. Maybe it’s not just the matter of willpower at the present moment that is preventing you from succeeding. You may have to do some work to see if any of your past experiences are responsible for some limiting beliefs that are holding you back.

A much better way is to address what has made you overweight or unhealthy in the first place. We can only change our body when we have “inner mind programming” that matches what we want to have happen on the outside of our body.

Your subconscious mind is where all of your thoughts, feelings, emotions, ideas and self-beliefs originate. These things drive our body and lifestyle actions (or inaction). Things like what we eat, how much of it and how active we are.

This means we address the problem at the ROOT – the cause.  That cause is located deep in our subconscious mind with hidden patterns of thought and self-beliefs that are not serving us well. You are likely to not even be aware of them. Inherited ‘wisdom’ and misinformation about nutrition and what proper exercise really is mixed together with some plain old self-delusion means your inner “mind” templates may be working against you rather than for you.

If you have become overweight something is “out of whack”  deep in your subconscious mind to allow this to happen. Maybe you are eating the wrong types of foods, maybe you are eating too much of them or maybe you are avoiding exercise. These are the things that will allow us to become overweight and keep us stuck in an unhappy, unhealthy body.

But the good news is we can identify and fix these incongruent thoughts and self-beliefs that are hidden away in the back room of our mind. It is likely that you are unaware of them but when they are revealed to you it will answer many questions you have about yourself and your actions or lack of them especially in the area of healthy eating and exercise.

Create your vision + master your mindset = upgrade your life

I invite you to check out my Strong Men Stay Young program where I can help you identify and address all of these issues and get to the bottom of it once and for all. Just go back on the homepage of this website where you will see that one of the 10 modules is all about mindset. It will give you all the tools, knowledge and strategies that you need to get unstuck and transform your health and this time, make it “stick”.

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